The Mental Nervous Remote Healing Card

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The Mental Nervous Remote Healing Card


Remote healing cards are small portable energy transmitters that enable the user to heal themselves and others on the spot. These cards are 4 by 4 inches in size and are designed to be carried in your pocket or purse.


The card may used alone, with a healing word, or with a Mer Isis pendulum. You may hold your hand over the card while focusing on yourself or the subject and the card will do the rest. The card contains the energy of a healer star linked to a binary space circuit. The thin anodized metal card draws energy from a healing pocket of power in binary space, amplifies it through the healer star, and channels it into the consciousness of the user and the recipient.


In this way, the card frees the user to work on conditions within the recipient discretely while at work, in a plane, on a train, in public, or anywhere that you can’t discretely use your spell book.


How many times have you wanted to help a crying baby?....stop a fight…discreetly…help someone in pain without them knowing…now you can do so with a real object of power…..


The Mental Nervous Remote Healing card focuses on drawing negative mental and emotional energy out of a person on the spot.


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