The Nyhuris Goddess of Light Ring (14k Gold)

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The Nyhuris Goddess of Light Ring 


The Goddess Nyhuris is an ancient goddess of light. She punctuates her immortal life with brief sojourns into the mortal world. She chooses mortals that she finds interesting to bring into her domain where they can live forever. She is benevolent, kind, and generous. She uses her light and power to grant immortality whenever she chooses. She save lives in her domain when she can, but she believes that for some death is a blessing. 


The Nyhuris Goddess of Light Ring in empowered to help you connect and communicate with the goddess Nyhuris. She will likely begin to appear in your dreams. As you build this connection, Nyhuris will come to your aide and help to provide you with healing, prosperity, and immortality. She will also help to accelerate the growth of your consciousness. 


This ring is made of real 14k gold. It is custom ordered and production take about a month. 


Please place your ring size in the order notes. 


Price: $20,000






(No reviews yet) Write a Review