The Pet Protection Pendant

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  • The Pet Protection Pendant
  • The Pet Protection Pendant


The Pet Protection Pendant


As humans have evolved and become more conscious throughout history, we have begun to change our way of viewing animals. We have become more aware that animals of all kinds have feelings and emotions. We have grown to accept animals as if they were our own offspring. Because of this, our drive to want to protect them from all physical and spiritual forces has become a major priority in our everyday lives. 


Over the years, we have created hundreds of tools to help people all around the world. With the Daemonium at its highest, we thought it would be a great time to bring to this world an item that could help protect your pets during these difficult times.


The Pet Protection Pendant is a protective and healing radiator. It will come as a tag that you can place on their collar. All the pet has to do is wear it and it will be effective.


This circular pendant is custom ordered and takes 2-3 weeks to arrive. It is about 1 inch in size. 


Price: $300

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