The Phra Sivali Sustenance Radiator

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The Phra Sivali Sustenance Radiator


Phra Sivali was one of my most important lifetimes. During that lifetime, I was one of Gautama Buddha's most important disciples. My job was to provide sustenance for The Buddha's retinue of more than 500 monks. I had to feed, clothe, and shelter the Buddha himself and whoever chose to follow him. I love my Lord and I worked with the devas, elemental, local merchants, and even the angels to make sure that we had what we needed.

My Lord Buddha blessed me with remembering his service early in my life. He also blessed me with his peace, which is tangible in my being. The Phra Sivali packages were a huge hit. They were blessed with the energy that the Buddha gave me. Many of you wanted one before we sold all of them.

We have decided to bless a Radiator that provides the same energy of sustenance for food, money, and shelter that The Buddha gave me before leaving this world. With this blessing energy from my Lord Gautama Buddha you will never go without.

If there is significant interest in this item among those of you who wish to have some of this power for a very affordable price, we will keep it in stock. 

We hope that you will take advantage of this blessing energy.


Radiator Size: 4x4


Dr. Gibson


Price: $299.95


*This photo is not the actual radiator*

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3 Reviews

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    Continued Sustenance

    Posted by Marvin Vee on Sep 7th 2021

    Peace, family. I've definitely been able to maintain in a much easier fashion since owning this bad boy. My basic needs are consistently met and with a lot less hiccups, might I add. I've owned the Phra Sivali Radiator since April 2019. It's now on my altar. I was wondering if I should buy another one to carry around with me. "Hmmm. I wonder..." Lol! Don't overlook this one. Oh, and I think that Master says we can charge our Mead by placing it atop of the radiator for 24 hours. Just wanted to share that. If you've had trouble deciding, here's your signal to buy. Peace and love, Family.

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    Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! LOL!!

    Posted by Meira Oralee Atarah on Apr 8th 2021

    All I can say is wow...I have not even received it yet...better yet I have not even received the update notice letting me know it's on it is way...Okay so I was leaving the Spa and one of the employee asked me do I like sweet potatoes and cabbage, I said yes! She said cool because the Cheif Officers next door dropped off bags of sweet potatoes and cabbage heads. I walked to the back and received my items..the young lady said we have all these bags help yourself....I received a bag and instantly thought of This Radiator....Blessings YES!!!! Thank you Masters for this Beautiful Gift Love, Meira

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    Over $300 worth of food!!

    Posted by Charles on Feb 22nd 2017

    Today was a shocker to me...On my job I was given all this food. What a blessings!! There was a woman that comes and donate food for our programs. However this time she came to my office and blessed me!! She has a local business in town and she can buy food in bulk at a discount. So she decided to bless me with some groceries. It had to be over $300 worth of food. Then I remember I have been placeing The Phra Sivali Sustenance Radiator under my pillow and playing the Jupiter and Pluto track in the background as I sleep. I wanted to give her something for her trouble, but the business lady said "No! I want you to have it." At first I felt guilty because I had food to eat, but then I saw 3:33 on the my laptop. I knew then that the Gods were watching me, and observing my response. I said to myself that, "I receive this blessing!" Thanks you Jade Emperor and thank you Phra Sivali!!!❤❤❤

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