The Primordial Teachings - Lesson One - Audio Download

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The Primordial Teachings - Lesson One

What is primordial energy?


Ancient daoist texts state that the Earth is constantly bathed with sacred primordial energy that can be deciphered and utilized by enlightened beings. Much of this primordial energy is transported in the form of cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are a high energy source of charged particles from outer space. They are the nuclei of atoms. They bombard the Earth and our bodies 24 hours a day. Energy equals information. As such, these rays transmit more energy than anything in the universe. 


A few questions arise when we think of these charged particles. What type of information do these particles transmit? How can these energies help us evolve? Are there different kinds of particles that have an effect on our minds, bodies, and soul? What are the 5 Universal Factors and their importance to our existence? These questions are answered within lesson one. You will also receive a mantra within the lesson for each of the 5 Universal Factors.


Each lesson is available instantly via digital download in the mp3 format. 


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review