The Qabbalistic Healing Spell Block (1 in stock)

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The Qabbalistic Healing Spell Block 


Qabbalistic spells utilize the energy of the divine angels assigned to transmit the energy into the consciousness of humans. There are sacred hidden spiritual formulas that may be used with crystals, gems, or items that will allow you to access their secret deep magic. Through specialized technology, we are able to place these spells inside a vessel to store immense amounts of magical force of the angels and forces of light. We have created qabbalistic spell blocks in the areas of wealth, protection, healing, consciousness, cleansing, and magical amplification. 


Each of us have within, the capacity to heal ourselves and others. When we heal a cut, bruise, cold, fever, broken limb or surgical wound, we are drawing upon a reservoir of healing power that we can use to much greater effect simply by trying. The Qabbalistic Healing Spell Block draws upon a healing reservoir within the soul, DNA, or chakra centers within the body from the Archangel Barakiel. We do not promise to cure anyone of anything, however, we believe that the nascent healing power within the mind and body is vast. To use the spell block, place your hand on the top of the block or hold it on the part of your body that is ailing you. The longer you hold the block, the more healing energy you receive. You can also use the spell block on your friends, family members, and pets to help magically aid them. Place the block on your altar when not in use to help provide healing energy to your loved ones and ancestors.


The spell block is 3”x12”x1” in size. The Qabbalistic spell is printed into a crystal-clear acrylic block. This spell block is custom made-to-order and will take 2-3 weeks before shipment following purchase. 


Price: $600 

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