The Yemaya Ring of Power

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The Yemaya Ring of Power 


Yemaya is the goddess of water, fertility, and motherhood. She is also the protector of women and children and is known for her creative power. The Yemaya ring of power is a stunning piece of jewelry that radiates creative divine energy from the goddess Yemaya. It is a powerful symbol of feminine strength and beauty. This ring is perfect for anyone who wants to feel more connected to their creative side and tap into their hidden potential. The Yemaya Ring of Power is made of beautiful Sterling Silver and lab created blue and white sapphire.


The Yemaya Ring of Power may be worn on the hand, as a pendant or may be held in the palm of your right hand. Focus on what you want to create or manifest while meditating with the ring. For a stronger connection, meditate with the ring during the full moon.


We have one ring available. Size 9


Price: $3000

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