Thenoce: The God Giant of Wealth Ax

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  • Thenoce: The God Giant of Wealth Ax
  • Thenoce: The God Giant of Wealth Ax
  • Thenoce: The God Giant of Wealth Ax
  • Thenoce: The God Giant of Wealth Ax
  • Thenoce: The God Giant of Wealth Ax


Thenoce The God Giant of Wealth Ax 





We have an outer and an inner world. Both need to be in alignment in order for us to heal. The axes are symbolic of an alignment of the outer world and the inner world. The axes actually travel between worlds and fight the negative entities that hold a person back from developing their consciousness, health, and prosperity. You have to lie down with the ax on your chest and a form of the ax will enter the body and do battle for you.  




They buried people with their axes so that their axes could do battle for them. The symbols, designs, and inscriptions on the axes are much more than decoration. They are placed on the ax to tell it what to do.




If the ax is for wealth, it will attack the wealth demons that still your wealth energy. If the ax is for health, it will attack the demons that prevent you from healing. If the ax is for consciousness it will attack the demons that attempt to steal your consciousness. These demons will actually take parts of your brain and erase memory and consciousness from it.




But the ax will go in and defeat the demons without harming you in any way.



The God Giant is a colossal figure that stands as a testament to the boundless power and majesty of the divine. Cloaked in an aura of mystery, the God Giant looms high above the mortal realm, embodying the embodiment of strength, wisdom, and celestial authority.


The physical form of the God Giant defies the limits of human comprehension. Standing at an unfathomable height, their colossal figure reaches towards the heavens, as if bridging the gap between mortal and divine realms. Their muscular physique is so immense that mountains appear diminutive in comparison, and their presence casts a profound shadow across vast landscapes. 


The God Giant's powers are as vast as the heavens. They hold dominion over the elements, capable of summoning storms, quelling volcanic eruptions, or causing the earth to tremble at their will. Their wisdom encompasses the collective knowledge of the cosmos, and their voice reverberates with a resonance that can both inspire and command.


The God Giant’s are associated with acts of protection and benevolence. Mortals who connect with them will feel a surge of inspiration and hope, for in their colossal presence, they find solace and a reminder of the divine forces that shape the universe.


Thenoce, The God Giant of Wealth, stands tall and resplendent, adorned in robes woven with golden threads and a crown that shines with the brilliance of gemstones. With an unwavering gaze that exudes confidence and wisdom, Thenoce possesses the extraordinary power to help manifest wealth and prosperity in the lives of those who seek his guidance. Through his divine presence, Thenoce instills within individuals the belief in their own potential and the ability to attract abundance. Thenoce The God Giant of Wealth Ax is empowered with the wealth power of this divine being. Place this ax in your residence or business in order to emit energy that helps to unlock the doors to financial success. With a generous heart and unwavering dedication, Thenoce will support and empower the individual to create a life of opulence and abundance. 


We have 3 axes available. 


Price: $2000

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