Tybro Essentials - Advanced Package

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Tybro Essentials - Advanced Package


This package includes: 


How to Find Your Spiritual Parents and Building Your Spiritual Altar Book - $99.95

In this new book, we will teach you how to connect with your spiritual parents.  We will also teach you how to find them on your own. This task is a major spiritual blessing and in the past, one could go to spiritual teachers, magi, shamans, or other connected beings in order to find out who your connections are. I can look at a person and tell who their spiritual parents are, in much the same way that one can see physical parentage. There are ways to tell who your spiritual parents are, and now we will share some of these secrets with the world.


This book is dedicated to creating and maintaining a spiritual altar. If you build this altar, there will be Gods sitting upon it. Their energy will fill your home. They will shadow you in ways that you cannot imagine. They will do this in order to help you make your life better. They have loved you and watched over you for longer than you have been incarnated on this planet. As humans, we cannot remember their presence or see their faces, but they are there whether we honor them or not.


In this book we will show you how to build your altar. We will show you where to put it once it is complete. We will show you what to place on your altar. We will teach you how to maintain your altar. We will advise you as to which Gods and Goddesses you should place on your altar.


Releasement Audio Download - $19.95


Everyone needs to let go of something ... Releasement is an ancient healing method designed to help the listener let go of even the most difficult painful emotional attachments in life ... a difficult relationship, painful memories, abuse from the past, and many other problematic issues have been successfully released using this beautiful technique.....This recording is equivalent to having a private session with one of the countries best spiritual counselors in the comfort of your own home.


Healing and Releasing Emotional Trauma from the Past


Releasement is a new beginning....a way to feel better than ever before...a way to feel the relief of a good night's sleep experience the tranquility of a day without pain ... a way to let go of the chaos that has taken too much of the joy from your life ... a way to feel ... even for a few moments ... true happiness ... peace ...and contentment ...

The Releasement recording employs an ancient healing technique that has been used for thousands of utilizes the principle that the emotional trauma that happen to us begin in the spirit and work their way toward the conscious mind.


Conscious Mind Cleansing - Audio Download - $19.95


The human mind is the transmitter of consciousness. As such, human consciousness functions much like a band of stations one might find on a radio set. Some of the stations are easily identifiable, easily detectable with the tuning dial. The most commonly used and loudest channels would be analogous to the function of the conscious mind. We are generally accustomed to listening to and communicating with a set number of channels of perception that we call “awareness”. 


The Conscious Mind Cleansing and enhancement recording is designed to gradually dissolve and eliminate negative and destructive mental and emotional energies that are stored within the mind. To accomplish this task, this recording employs a special series of powerful and penetrating tones and computer generated sounds that bore into the neurons and nerve pathways. Once there, the tones are programmed to detect and dissolve harmful patterns of energy.


Ideally, you will want to listen to this recording while lying down and wearing headphones. In the recording, you will be guided on how to fully relax your body before hearing the tones that are designed to release your from the energies that damper us. These energies are picked up from people and environments that we traverse in our daily lives.


The Healing Spells Book - $300


Healing Spells is the first book that we will release that is fully applied to the art of healing.  My first connection to the world of the celestial was connected to healing miracles.  Now, we have been commissioned to offer a book full of healing spells that have never been released on this planet.  Each of these spells draws upon a healing reservoir within the soul, DNA, or chakra centers within the body.  These centers allow each of us to heal the body on a daily basis.  As such, we only tap a very small percentage of this power.  With this new work, we can use this power to heal ourselves, friends, family, and others in person or at a distance.  This book contains angelic healing spells, divine healing spells from the gods, elemental healing spells, solar healing spells, and Anthropos level healing spells.  There are also spells in this book that amplify the healing power of the user to great heights.
The spells in this book function on one simple principle. Each of us have within our capacity to heal ourselves and others. When we heal a cut, bruise, cold, fever, broken limb or surgical wound, we are drawing upon a reservoir of healing power that we can use to much greater effect simply be trying. Mankind has become dependent on doctors and the institution of medicine for its healing needs. At some point, mankind will realize the power and potential that is locked within his mind and DNA is very powerful. Mankind will then be ready to join the millions of advanced sentient races that have conquered cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, hypertension, and host of other maladies, simply with the power of thought. 
In this book, we do not promise to cure anyone  of anything. We do not promise to turn the reader into a healer or shaman. We do however believe that the nascent healing power within the mind and body is vast. We believe that this healing power may be augmented by thought, meditation, ritual, and suggestion. We believe that if one truly focuses on healing and overcoming disease, the results of all the healing modalities that they choose will be augmented.
AOS 8.0 Medallion - $400 
The new Angels of Sanctification 8.0 Medallion is embued with the power of a Super Snow Moon.  The supernatural significance of a Super Snow Moon’s power is to protect the citizens of Earth from negative spirits.  There are hordes of spirits that attempt to invade Earth and start a war that will kill millions. The gods sent an energy through the Super Snow full moon in order to help us protect ourselves. 

It is designed to be twice as powerful as the AOS 5.0 medallion.  It will radiate the power of the angels combined with the power of the Gods to protect you. It is now our most powerful protective medallion.

When these angels work together through this medallion:

They dissolve negative karma,
Build positive karmic forces within the body,
Heal negative events in the past and the future,
Helps humans begin new projects
Helps bring the wearer new ideas
Protects from hexes and curses,
Prevents attaching spirits from getting into the aura,
Removes demons, negative elementals, and other dark forces
Cleanse negative forces from the soul. (Level One Intensity)

The Attunements to Higher Consciousness - $300


The main focus of our spiritual work at Tybro is the evolution of Consciousness.  Each of us in this world is a combination of beings.  We are astral beings.  In this form, we sleep, dream, and ultimately transition out of this world. Astral consciousness is one of the most dominant forms of consciousness on this world.  The next most dominant form of consciousness is physical. 

We perceive both astral and physical consciousness with our five senses.  We see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with senses that convey information about the world to the mind.  We rely on these senses for all of our information about the physical world.  However, if an angel stood right next to you, you would never know it.  The astral and physical senses can't tell you jack about the higher world.  As a matter of fact, they attempt to convince you, through the aegis of the ego, that anything higher than the dream/physical matrix of worlds has no existence at all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Physics tells us that there are at least eleven total dimensions of reality that make up our universe.  Physics also tells us that these dimensions are all around us, and that our senses are not able to pick up the information streaming into our brains from these worlds.  

Mystics have told us that the world that we accept as physical is only the icing on a very, very, big cake.  Now, physics and mysticism agree on this point.  Quantum physics even goes one step further.  Quantum physics tells us that in order for our reality to exist, consciousness must continually tune into and create every pixel of every scene that we experience.  In other words, nothing exists until consciousness decides that it does. This is where things get really interesting.  If consciousness creates our reality, why does it limit us to only astral and physical senses?

Some people have the innate ability to see the higher worlds and commune with beings who have higher consciousness.  This communication is easy for them.  For most people however, this does not happen.

The Attunement to Higher Consciousness CD Package is a new solution to this age old problem.  The Attunements consist of thirteen very specially crafted sounds.  Each of these sounds work together over time to gently pull away the layers of darkness that prevent us from perceiving and enjoying the higher levels of consciousness.  These sounds have never been heard on this world before.  

My spiritual Father, Djanthi/Thoth, invited me into one of his sound laboratories while we were talking one day.  He showed me a series of instruments capable of creating very advanced sound waves.  The waves had a very pronounced effect on my consciousness.  As he played each sound for me, I began to see things in his world and around him that I have never seen before.  I could see his wings.  He was several feet taller.  The lab was bigger and extended several hundred yards in all directions.  There was also a glow and a smell that I had never seen.  I saw a glow around him that pulsated with life and energy.  In short, I felt more alive and aware under the influence of these sounds than I have ever felt in my life. 

He kindly spent a great deal of time showing me the science behind the sounds.  Each of the sounds allows for a gradual peeling away of the blocks to the perception of higher consciousness.  Let me explain the science behind the sound as best I can.


The Celestial Gods Divine Spell Series - The Jade Emperor - $1500


The Celestial Gods are the most powerful immortals in the universe. They rule over every aspect of creation and are said to live in a domain beyond time and space.  Every major culture on earth has recognized the existence of these divine beings.  They are ubiquitous in their placement in history, art, literature, religion, and mythology.  The Celestial Gods are more a part of our lives than ever, but religion, the media, and other authoritarian structures would have you believe otherwise.  The Gods want to help humans evolve.  For thousands of years, they gave us spells, rituals, incantations, invocations, items of power and many other tools to help us evolve beyond our suffering and imprisonment.  

Time has eroded our access to these items and many of them have been sequestered by the powers that be. For the most part, only nobility, military powers, religious leaders, mystics, and shamans have had any access to the divine spells left us by our Gods.  Now, for the first time, we will restore a portion of these spells to humanity.  The Divine Spell Series will serve as a bridge to the power of the Celestial Pantheon of Gods.  These spells will allow you to summon and control a modicum of their power for everything that you need in life.  You will find that some of you have a special knack or connection to specific gods and their spells.  Others will find that they can use all of them.  We will release a number of books in this series that will access the power of a number of gods.

The first book in this series will focus on spells that will allow the user to work with the power of The Jade Emperor.  The Jade Emperor is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is the director and chairman of the Celestial Treasury and it is said that all forms of wealth pass through his hands.  He is very benevolent and kind. His power is available for us to use but we must avail ourselves of the correct spells.  This is the first time that humans will have access to the complete spell book of The Jade Emperor.  This book will allow you to work with the Jade Emperor directly for the first time to improve all aspects of your financial life.



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