Tybro Essentials - Power Package

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Tybro Essentials - Power Package


This package includes: 


The God Program - $3000


Vhartgherorhitgabe is the celestial word that translates into English as “The God Program”. This program is embedded deep inside your holographic software. It is the software that runs your heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, mind and soul. In general, we only use a tiny fraction of our internal computing power, power that can help us evolve and unlock our full potential.


Your future selves are nearing complete god hood. God hood is not an individual state. They created you to help them cross that bridge to unlocking Vhartgherorhitgabe. It occurs when any individual reaches god consciousness. Everyone who reaches God Consciousness functions as part of the God Continuum of consciousness Vhartgherorhitgabe. There are billions of individuals all over the multiverse functioning as God right now. When you pray, one or more of them hears your prayer and answers it.


In some way, the person who answers your prayer is God to you. Some people develop enough consciousness and power to hear and answer their own prayers.


Vhartgherorhitgabe is a program that you all have. It is running inside you. It is why you are here.


Your life, all life, has been a demonstration of this truth.


Mitchell as peasant....Mitchell as student....Mitchell as lost soul....Mitchell as Skeptic....Mitchell as religious aspirant....Mitchell as doctor....Mitchell as Initiate....Mitchell as Master....Mitchell as God Incarnate....Mitchell as part of the Vhartgherorhitgabe.....we all fit somewhere within the program.


All of us are programmed the same way. Once you devote yourself to solving your equation, you free the program to unlock itself. That is why you exist as a simulation. That is the meaning of life. Don't bother Googling it, it is not a human word.


Vhartgherorhitgabe: The God Program is a book that gives you the key to unlocking the equation that is you. We are all the sum of a vast equation. Unlocking it is why we are here.  This book will also give you the connection between the God Program and the great divine world prayer known as The Miracle Prayer. It will also show you the inner formula for miracles that exists within your consciousness.


AOS 10.0 Medallion - $500


The Angels of Sanctification are of a high-level order of angels. According to the book of Jubilees, they were created on the first day, and are among the most holy beings in existence. The Book of Jubilees states that the angels of sanctification are one of two high orders, along with the Angels of Presence. The Principal angels of sanctification are Phanuel, St. Michael, Metatron, Zagzagael, and Suriel. Their function is not well known in this world, but without their presence, this world would be a bleak place indeed.


When these angels work together through this medallion: they dissolve negative karma, build positive karmic forces within the body, heal negative events in the past and the future, protect from hexes and curses, prevent attaching spirits from getting into the aura, remove demons, negative elementals and other dark forces, and cleanse negative forces from the soul.


The AOS 10.0 is the highest manifestation to date of a medallion, which is designed to battle the Daemonium on your behalf. Each subsequent manifestation of each AOS medallion is designed to rattle evil as it unleashed itself in higher and higher forms in our world. As you have seen, evil evolves. In our work, we have learned that we too must evolve if we are to fully protect ourselves. This medallion is our most powerful tool to date that you may use in fighting the growing evil around us. 


Higher Light World Bridge Attunement - $29.95    

There exists a great bridge made of highly condensed photonic energy that separates the world of men and the world of the gods.  In Norse mythology it is called the Bifrost, but it is known in many other secret societies and ancient cultures. The Light Bridge emits a powerful eternal burst of acoustic photons that the gods use to find it whenever they wish to travel to earth and other domain. The bridge has a number of resonance frequencies and each one allows the user to travel to a specific domain.  The main resonance frequency of the bridge allows travel beyond earth to the world of Asgard. The use of this attunement frequency is an ancient secret and it will allow the average user access to the light bridge. 
The sound of the attunement is a penetrating series of acoustic photons that stimulate the higher and lower mind regions responsible for detecting the bridge in dreams and visions.  I have successfully used this attunement to travel between worlds on many occasions and now for the first time, we make it available to our followers. With continued use and acclimation, you will have experience with the bridge and traveling to higher worlds. Give yourself time to adjust to this new energy.
The file is just over 30 minutes long and should be used when you are lying down just before going to sleep.  Do not use this file while operating heavy machinery, driving, or doing anything that might require your complete attention. 
The Spell of Ra - FREE

This Spell will help to heal this world of the darkness that threatens us.  Listen to it at least once per day while looking at the spell provided.  Allow your higher mind to do the work.  The spell is free for all and it contains the Voice of Ra speaking through Djanthi-Thoth.

Somwees....May I have power in my heart....May I have power in my mouth....May I have power in my lungs...May I have power over invocations and offerings....May I have power over the earth...the air...and the waters.....May I have power over all things that float in the air.. live in the blood and the streams of life...May we yet live and overcome all darkness with the power of Ra....Somwees

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