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Recent research into human healing and regeneration shows that the human body has different regeneration modes. Experts at New York Medical College have found that human hearts have a limited, though impressive, ability to grow new cells. We know that at least in some areas, your brain can develop stronger connections and even brand-new cells.
Your body has different regeneration modes. The less helpful one is called the "slow mechanic" and the optimal one the "young mechanic." Experts now believe you can choose which body-repair mechanic will do the work.
Without physical activity, your body surmises that it's winter — literally.  So your body starts burning fewer calories and packing on fat. The slow mechanic takes over in this "winter mode," doing minimal work and allowing your bones to thin, your muscles to weaken and more.
But if you get up and move around everyday, the young mechanic gets to work, bolstering key body systems and creating strong new cells. The human body is a rare thing: it actually improves with use. If you look after your body, it can heal itself and even regenerate at speeds you may have previously thought impossible.
Approximately 12% of your weight is from your skin. Your skin replaces 45,000+ cells in only a few seconds. It's constantly growing new skin and shedding old skin.  There are different types of healing programs within the body that we can learn to use. 
These programs help us learn to tap into our own healing power at an accelerated rate.  When we do this, we can assist our body’s own healing ability to work at a faster more accelerated pace to do its work.  This book includes instructions on connecting with eight of our accelerated healing programs in order to help your body work better.  When used in conjunction with exercise, sleep, meditation, and good medical advice, adding accelerated healing practices to your daily regimen can help you function at a much higher level. 

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    Accelerated Healing

    Posted by Ronald Hill on Apr 15th 2021

    best Healing book yet. could tell the difference the first time,this really works...******

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