The Healing Spells Book

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The Healing Spells Book
Healing Spells is the first book that we will release that is fully applied to the art of healing.  My first connection to the world of the celestial was connected to healing miracles.  Now, we have been commissioned to offer a book full of healing spells that have never been released on this planet.  Each of these spells draws upon a healing reservoir within the soul, DNA, or chakra centers within the body.  These centers allow each of us to heal the body on a daily basis.  As such, we only tap a very small percentage of this power.  With this new work, we can use this power to heal ourselves, friends, family, and others in person or at a distance.  This book contains angelic healing spells, divine healing spells from the gods, elemental healing spells, solar healing spells, and Anthropos level healing spells.  There are also spells in this book that amplify the healing power of the user to great heights.
The spells in this book function on one simple principle. Each of us have within our capacity to heal ourselves and others. When we heal a cut, bruise, cold, fever, broken limb or surgical wound, we are drawing upon a reservoir of healing power that we can use to much greater effect simply be trying. Mankind has become dependent on doctors and the institution of medicine for its healing needs. At some point, mankind will realize the power and potential that is locked within his mind and DNA is very powerful. Mankind will then be ready to join the millions of advanced sentient races that have conquered cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, hypertension, and host of other maladies, simply with the power of thought. 
In this book, we do not promise to cure anyone  of anything. We do not promise to turn the reader into a healer or shaman. We do however believe that the nascent healing power within the mind and body is vast. We believe that this healing power may be augmented by thought, meditation, ritual, and suggestion. We believe that if one truly focuses on healing and overcoming disease, the results of all the healing modalities that they choose will be augmented.
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    Healing spells book

    Posted by habiba malik on May 22nd 2020

    I have been a proud owner of a copy of the Healing spells book authored by Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson since October, 2016. This absolutely amazing. It starts you gently down the path of simple magical spells for fairly basic ailments to initially gauge your level of success with them. As you move through these different levels you are actually exploring your are discovering your own degree of healing competence based upon the extent of your success. It itakes you on a fascinating journey and I have experiwnced much successes
    it has become my close companion

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    A True Gift - The gift of healing hope & Time

    Posted by afi beard on Mar 12th 2020

    This is so much more the a book of spells. It is the gift from creator. Since working with healing spells I've become strengthen in knowing that illness & disease does not have the final say. That through this work I too have a say so in the health of my children and those I love. Colds & fevers are now few & far between. If something breaks through it doesnt last long.& is not as servere. My first true test was the dx of cancer in a close family member. Through active faith,creators blessings, and the healing spells, a grim dx became a mirical. From mental health to fever to diabetes this work allows one to walk in active faith. Where you have of course the care of medical professionals but also an arsenal of great possibilities at your fingertips. Trust when I say Its worth the investment 10 fold.

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    A must Have!

    Posted by Michaiah Luciana Morgan on Mar 11th 2020

    I’ve worked with the Healing Spells book for over a year and a half now. I have been very successful with this book in my personal life and with others. I have noticed that as I continue to work on myself spiritually and evolve, so does the results of these spells. The results come stronger and faster.

    These Healing Spells are very powerful. There have been times that certain angels of these spells have visited me while I was initiating these spells. I’ve engaged in healing in other dimensions with my clients. I’ve received great feedback from clients such as issues not returning. I have used other healing modalities in conjunction with the Healing Spells that have yielded grand success!!

    I suggest to everyone to have this book in your arsenal. We all need healing on so many levels. This book is ideal for in-depth healing. I send many thanks to Dr. & Mrs. Gibson for another life changing tool.

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    A Source of True Healing

    Posted by Taylor M. on Mar 10th 2020

    After using the Healing Spells Book, I have seen serious change in my life and the lives of others around me. Some of these are as follows:

    Through the use of this book I have witnessed first hand the healing of eye swelling, rashes and other skin conditions, arthritis, asthma, aging, mental issues and general pain. The use of several spells in this book has strengthened my grandparents mentally and physically with tremendous results- helping allow both my grandparents to be living in their nineties and still living and owning their own home.

    From this book I have healed scarred relationships between my significant other, family members, and friends. The spells in this book has helped heal the pain from arguing and other issues that separate us.

    This book has also helped my wealth by healing issues regarding my financial karma. The Angelic spells found in this book have helped me find raises and other economic opportunities.

    What is an even more important aspect of this book historical and ancient proof and knowledge that humans are born with innate and extreme healing abilities. As a society, we do not need to allow others to define our healing when all of our power lies within ourselves. This book is a must for all healers to explore the forces of healing that we were born with and have the divine right to use. Thank you!

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    Wow!!! There are so many blessing in the book

    Posted by Markell on Apr 12th 2019

    Thank you ,thank you, thank you for this book. There are so many benefical tools in it. I'm still going through the book at the moment. This book is a must have for anyone looking to heal them selves or others. It is worth its weight in gold.

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    Healing Power

    Posted by Jewel on Mar 12th 2019

    Spiritually speaking, this is the first book that I have ever owned that gives detail instructions on how to heal. I now have a wealth of information that is priceless and I intend to use it for myself and others. Thank You!

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    To Be with Whole Again

    Posted by Parrish Jones on Feb 5th 2019

    I have gotten this book to heal myself as well friends and family. There is so much in this book this is a blessing by the Creator thank Master Gibson and Acharya.

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    A Must Have

    Posted by Kelvon on Dec 7th 2018

    This book has saved my life. It has spells for so many illnesses that myself and family are dealing with. There are also spells that I never expected to be here but I am thankful they are! This is definitely another tool that every Tybro follower should have. It could save your life or someone else’s life.

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    True Healing

    Posted by Auset N Maat on May 11th 2018

    I Love the Healing Spell Book that Beloved Master Djanthi has shared with the World. I used one of the spells in the book to Heal my Ancestors. Beloved Master Djanthi, stated the way to know if your Ancestors are healed you would see them in a youthful state and healthy. After I completed the Healing Spell I saw my Grandmother before me within 2 days. She was a younger woman smiling and she was dancing. I knew immediately the Spell had worked and my Ancestors were Healed. Thank you, Beloved Master Djanthi for the Healing Spell Book. My Ancestors are grateful.