Accelerated Spiritual Text Level Two - E-Book

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Accelerated Spiritual Text Level Two


The physical body is a living meditation. It moves with the energy and speed of consciousness through space-time. Exercise can strengthen the body and help it live longer.  Exercise 30 minutes per day can help the body get stronger.  Science has demonstrated that meditation and visualization can help the body almost as much as physical exercise. Professional athletes now routinely mix visualization and meditation with their workouts to maximize their performances.


Which is better for your body: meditation or exercise? On the surface, it seems like an obvious decision - physical exercise can strengthen our muscles, bones and heart, and has been proven to promote the production of oxytonin and other 'feel-good' chemicals. Whilst meditation is, well, a fad. Right?


This accelerated text is designed to rejuvenate the body.  Using this text will effectively augment the effects of exercise.  When you use this text, it will be the equivalent of one hour of physical exercise per day.  The energy will run into your body without any strain on your muscles, joints, or limbs.  The text has two levels, the physical level of benefit and the spiritual level of benefit.  Both levels kick in when you scan the texts in the following manner.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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18 Reviews

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    Breath taking

    Posted by Viki A on Apr 17th 2024

    My first time scanning the text and I felt like a gasp of oxygen was happening. I was leaning forward as I was scanning and I felt the urge immediately to sit upright and hold my head up. My body felt like it was downloading. Truly remarkable I was in awe. I will continue this and am grateful the the opportunity.

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    Posted by Barry Scott on Jan 14th 2024

    Wow is an understatement for this text and the power it transfers to an individual. My first time scanning the text the top of my head felt like it was literally glowing. After scanning the text I had the best sleep I'd had in years. The text helped me to process some of my childhood trauma by facing the trauma head on. I can feel the rejuvenation in my body after the scanning , my second time scanning the text I slept like 12 hours and my body felt so good I usually get up in the morning with a lot of aches and pains from years of powerlifting. I can truly feel the rejuvenation taking place. With the absorption of Thor and Shango's light I've noticed a difference in my confidence level already by facing bully's in the spiritual realm. Also I had a dream during the summer in which I was wielding Mjolnir fighting a huge serpent. Makes me wonder if that particular dream was a premonition that I would receive this spiritual text and the light of Thor and also having a dream about Shango many years ago before I'd ever heard of him.

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    Slight Deep Gasp for Oxygen

    Posted by David Teng on Sep 24th 2023

    After viewing the texts for ten minutes accordingly to instructions the first day, I found my body slightly gasping for oxygen and the bottom of my spine slight aching. The same feeling after I've meditatively walk at an extremely fast pace for 90 minutes. However, this is all without the sweats and the extra 80 minutes spent. This is truly incredible.

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    Daily Scan

    Posted by Norton Muto on Jun 17th 2022

    I scan each page daily as instructed, thank you Master for making this product available.

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    Highly Recommended

    Posted by R. Coates on Jun 1st 2021

    I started using all four of the Acceleration texts about 30 days ago. This text has given me energy to do things that I have no had the strengthen (mentally or physically) to do in years. I love how energized my body feels after scanning the text. It also has improved my way of thinking. I am carrying out tasks more efficiently. I also feel a difference in how I think. Specifically, how I process information whether heard verbally or read. This is a tool that you can use daily to go along with other spiritual practices. Highly recommended.

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    Posted by Robin on Dec 8th 2020

    There is a lot of light in these spiritual text. Scanning them I found I soon needed a break. I hope to quickly adapt to scanning all the books I've acquired daily.

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    Easy energy

    Posted by Becky on Jun 2nd 2020

    I use to exercise about 3 times a week two years ago, now all I really do is walk around my neighborhood. Yesterday after scanning this for two days, My daughter insisted that I stayed with them while they rode their bicycles. I jogged and ran for and hour besides them while they rode. After that I added other exercises like, push up, mountain climb, abs, jumping jacks to it . I was dripping with sweat all over my body but I wasn't tired at all I felt like I could continue for a couple more hours. This is totally unusual for me.

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    Must buy

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 8th 2018

    I wasn't going to buy at first but I do want collection. I don't work out because my job is physical. Majority of text energize me. I love seeing the flashes when I going though the text. I even feel internal pulses.

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    Posted by Unknown on Sep 28th 2018

    Very enlightening

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    Definitely gives you a boost!

    Posted by marvin vee on Apr 15th 2018

    I can notice the effects subtly while scanning. A little after my practice is complete, fatigue begins to dissipate, and there's a feeling of moderate rejuvenation. Might even be better than coffee. Ha! Much love to Tybro and the Astrologia family.

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