Acharya: A Preacher's Daughter Becomes a Spiritual Master

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The Acharya: Preacher's Daughter Becomes a Spiritual Master 




Acharya is the story of a young woman's journey from growing up as a Baptist Preacher’s Daughter and All American Athlete into a Spiritual Leader and Enlightened Master. Kathy’s life has been one of incredible ups and downs. There was a time when she came from the heights of marital and business success, to divorce, bankruptcy, and struggles to feed her infant children. She has always kept her eyes focused steadfastly on her relationship with God. Even from a very young age, she questioned the inconsistencies inherent in the fundamentalist tenets within the Bible and the strict doctrines that often left her unfulfilled. 


Acharya Kathy Gibson is dedicated to the principles and actions of evolution. She struggled to pull herself out of a desperate life situation that could have easily crushed her spirit. She learned how to meditate properly, she developed a more personal and fulfilling relationship with God, and she found a mate that helped her secure her relationship with the universe. Acharya means: "One who leads by example." This book will cause tears of sadness and tears of joy. It will ultimately leave you with faith and the belief that God is always with us.




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6 Reviews

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    Moved to tears

    Posted by Maka on Mar 19th 2024

    I picked up this book and didn’t put it down until It was finished. I read this book for just over 3 hours. It was extremely moving and inspiring. I love hearing Master Acharya’s story I felt a cycle of emotions as I read through this book. Her story reminds me of who I am and my greater calling. The creator had gifted me so much and in his honour I shall complete my mission. Thank you Tybro and Master Acharya for sharing this wonderful story!

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    Absolutely Inspirational & Moving

    Posted by Yaya Norton on Mar 15th 2024

    I can barely find the words to describe how I felt reading this, but I will try my best … This book, was so moving. It made me feel absolutely confident and hopeful that I will achieve great things (in honor of The Creator) during this experience. Not only was Master Acharya’s story moving but it also fired me up at the same time, in a good way. I resonated so much with some of the things she mentioned in the book. Especially how meditating 20 mins daily affected her, and the part about scanning the Zohar, approaching life from a place of humility, and developing a personal relationship with The Creator. Reading about some of her spiritual experiences was very exciting. I’m going to share this book with my wife so she may enjoy it as well. I’m glad I read this book. I’m glad this book exists. I’m glad Tybro exists. Thank you Master Gibson, Master Acharya and your entire family and all of Tybro for all your work and contributions.

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    Need more stories from Acharya, please!

    Posted by Gav on Jul 12th 2023

    Acharya, thank you, thank you, thank you! This book was so beautifully written, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to hear your story - in your words. I must say, there are sooo many synchronicities with Master and Acharya and this book amplified it. It’s beyond a small world, it is clear I have known the Masters for lifetimes. The stories that Acharya has shared are so relatable and make her power even more astounding than one can imagine. She is a true inspiration and has pushed me to grow and be gentle and kind to myself. There was something that she shared in her book that actually provided me a lot of healing knowing we both went through the same thing and I always would beat myself up over it with regret. I would wonder what does this mean if I went through XYZ and how will it affect my evolution? To see how she has grown and changed, it provided me with the confidence to not be held back and move forward. Separately, the love she and Master share reminds me exactly of how I feel about my partner and encourages us to continue our path and grow together not only spiritually but in business alike. This is a book that I recommend to each and every person. I am putting in my bid for more books and stories of her experiences because I didn’t want it to end. She is my role model and I will never forget our first time meeting. I love you dearly and thank you for your words of wisdom directly and indirectly.

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    Posted by Joshua Smith on Dec 9th 2022

    The comfort received from Acharya's story was just on time. A humbling story. Full of honesty and comfort. So many parallels in my life noted. Its not often leaders open up and remind their followers just how much of an human experience they also had to overcome to sit where they are. Divinity is a process i learner from this book; and through the darkest of times the creator is always here. Acharya's story, reminded me to call upon the creator more and thaf we are alot stronger than we give our souls credit. P.s. I should of did my googles i had no idea one of my masters was a real deal athelete. Awesome story. Thanks for sharing and i hope one day to write a story about my journey that inspires and impacts someone else in the most loving way as Acharya has for me. I bow.

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    Vulnerable, Honest & Inspiring

    Posted by LaToya F on Oct 14th 2021

    Great examples of the powerful journey of discovery, the power of changing things you no longer accept and embracing your own truth. Many confirming moments and so relatable for me as a mom. Thank you for sharing your journey!

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    "From Academic Star-Athlete to Spiritual Awakening"

    Posted by - Lionheart on Sep 5th 2018

    Acharya: A Preacher's Daughter Becomes a Spiritual Master gives the account of Master Kathy Gibson's dramatic journey from child academic, and star-athlete, to becoming the other half of the world renown spiritual dynamic duo we know as "Master Djanthi and Master Acharya or affectionately as "Mother and Father". If you have challenges explaining your spiritual growth and development to religious family members or uninformed friends l would highly recommend you put this book in your toolbox or maybe even give it as a gift to open clear and loving communications.

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