Amulets of Power (Small)

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Amulets of Power (Small) 
One of the most challenging aspects of our work is finding suitable vessels that will hold significant power.  There are millions of spiritual artifacts in the world. Most are blanks and cannot hold enough energy to do any real work. Acharya and I go through thousands and thousands of objects that are potential candidates.  We are lucky if one out of a thousand has potential.  A true spiritual vessel is very hard to find. They don’t always take the shape or size you would imagine.  Some are large and sturdy.  Some are small, flimsy, and don’t look like much.  Just like our bodies.  Bruce Lee was a tiny little guy but you wouldn’t know that if you fought him. Vessels, like our bodies, age, crumble, and eventually decay. Especially if you don’t take care of them.  Just like our bodies. The power remains no matter the appearance of the vessel. Regardless of outward appearances, the vessels that we choose have made a very, very, strenuous cut.  Some of you have wisely begun to collect them, just as the Vatican and many other institutions have for centuries. The power that you have in these vessels is truly priceless. You will need time to tap into it.  A Gibson guitar or a Stradivarius violin will not yield their best sound to novices.  Time, patience, and the great skill evoked with practiced repetition is necessary to elicit the purity of tone hidden in these gems. Be patient with your items.  Put in some time each day and you will be rewarded with great and powerful returns.
The Amulets of Power were hard to find in our travels to Thailand. We found these on our last day in a small village right outside of Bangkok. They are vessels of great spiritual power. The more you wear it, the more you will be able to connect with the energy and tap into it's power. Wearing this amulet or holding it in your hand while meditating or performing spells will also greatly enhance your spiritual power. These amulets vary in size, shape, and appearance. We will send you the amulet we feel is best suited for your energy. 
We have 9 amulets available. 
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3 Reviews

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    Do not sleep on these!!

    Posted by Sangat Jeet Singh on Aug 29th 2023

    I am a very slow responder to spiritual tools and workings in general, wether its prayers or manifestation techniques, it takes time for me to really see results. This is due to lots of past life karma, my souls intensions, and so much more. However, this amulet is something that worked for me in regards to increased spiritual power faster than expected! This coupled with the limited release Lord Thoth Lady Maat qudrat spellbook has increased my spiritual power like never before!! I have manifested things so fast its INSANE! Do not sleep on this cheap but extremely powerful tool. It is limited so its even more reasons to buy. Whenever Master releases limited items or things that are only out for a certain period of time, they are some of the most powerful tools to get. Thank you Masters and I love you two and the Tybro family so much ❤️?

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    Amulets of Power

    Posted by Irina S. on Jul 26th 2023

    Every product at Tybro store is special, Amulet of Power is no exception! I received my amulet two days ago and do love the energy this amulet gives me. It feels more like an altar in the palm of your hand. I place it next to me last night and received a dream of opening portals from which angels were coming to protect my entire family. I'm looking forward to establish even stronger relationship with this tool of power. Thank you Masters!

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    Very powerful item

    Posted by PW on Jul 18th 2023

    Get one before they are all gone. They are packed with so much power in such a small vessel. I received mine yesterday. Saw it first thing in the morning, took its blessing and went to see the sun. My sun changed to a shape of a huge golden eye and there was so much mist around that eye which extended all the way to the area where I was standing and taking pictures like a strong force standing near me. Later, I hold the amulet in my hands and felt my body trembling a bit. Taking all these as signs of blessing from the being that sits in my amulet. Thank you Masters and Tybro team for bringing such amazing products and sharing them with us.

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