Consciousness Enhancement and Acceleration - Audio Download

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Consciousness Enhancement and Acceleration Audio Download




Consciousness is the greatest commodity there is and can be used for anything. It can be used to create anything. Consciousness is the basis for control in this domain. Consciousness can allow you to interact with the highest beings in the universe. It is the basis for economics and is worth more than food, money, shelter, etc. 


The Consciousness Enhancement and Acceleration Audio Download will help to enhance and accelerate your consciousness over time. This audio works to activate dormant parts of your brain which will help your brain seek out higher benevolent races. This is one of our most advanced recordings ever made.


Listen to this audio passively for 30 minutes a day. Lay down with your eyes closed in a dark room and allow it to expand your consciousness. 


Price: $99.95 

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6 Reviews

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    Consciousness Enhancement & Acceleration

    Posted by Tonya Freeman on Nov 9th 2023

    I feel the tones are still vibrating within my ears & body after my 30 min session is complete. Although this a gradual process, the clarity in my awareness is speeding up the more I commit to this as a practice. Listening has become a daily ritual along with the Wealth Cleanse. The streams of consciousness & opportunities are flowing. I highly recommend adding these two audio streams to your spiritual toolkit. High level!

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    Consciousness Enhancement

    Posted by Chelsea A on Oct 30th 2023

    One night while I was dreaming I saw a blue vortex of light coming down on me. When I woke up from my dream heard this audio playing clear as day. My phone was off, my TV was off and my lap top was shut. The sound continued for about 20-30 seconds and was just playing from nothing. That night I took some pictures of the night sky and there was this little red, yellow, orange, and black cubical/worm type of thing floating above my head. I have no idea what on earth that was or if I’m even describing it correctly, but it’s definitely there. I can not wait to see what else happens.

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    The Consciousness enhancement audio is great for pets too!

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Oct 4th 2023

    Though I did not purchase this for my cats, i have noticed they have been more sensitive to the energies going on than usual, so i have been playing the Consciousness Enhancement audio around the clock.When i play it on my laptop on the porch, they gather around, and just sit there near the computer, and quiet right down. I know Master has mentioned that the average cat has a higher consciousness than the average human. Well, i can say that if cats had wallets and credit cards, you would have a large feline clientele. Thanks so much for this gem, Masters!

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    Ground Breaking!

    Posted by Ryan Rhodes on Oct 1st 2023

    I started to using this audio daily immediately when it was released. My dreams have intensely elevated. I feel I am moving towards something, fast. Thank you Masters, this is a good one.

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    Thank You

    Posted by Carlos Freeman on Oct 1st 2023

    Thank you, this is a gift.

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    Posted by Lance (Balanz) Benefield on Sep 23rd 2023

    The sounds is Out of this World, and I can feel it moving around in my Consciousness . . . Gratitude for your Advance Technology DJANTHI !

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