Telepathic Enhancement (Level One) - Audio Download

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Telepathic Enhancement (Level One) - Audio Download
Telepathic Enhancement (Level One) Telepathy is the process of receiving thoughts or feelings from another person. It is a type of Extrasensory Perception (ESP.) Telepathy usually happens over distance and without the use of other senses like hearing or touch. There are several types of telepathic activities. Reading: Hearing or sensing what is going on in the mind of another. Communicating: Direct communication with another without speaking. Impressing: Planting something into another’s person’s mind. This could be a thought or a word. It might even be an image. Control: Influencing or controlling the actions of another person’s thoughts or actions. To understand telepathy, you have to understand our human makeup on a deeper level. As humans, we all have consciousness–the ability to be aware and to feel.
Level One telepathy consists of a number of latent human abilities that are typically suppressed by toxins, diet, trauma, and disease. Mind Reading/Thought Detection: The ability to read and sense the thoughts of others. Imitative Mind Reading: The ability to verbally mimic the thoughts of others. Memory Reading: The ability to read the target's memories. Visual Memory Reading: The ability to see memories of others. Visual Mind Reading: The ability to see the thoughts of others. Psychic Communication: The ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information. Telepathic Speaking: The ability to speak aloud using only the mind.
This extremely rare and advanced file was created in the sound laboratories of The God Djanthi Thoth. I downloaded the components from the files he gave me from his Atlantean Auxillary Lab and assembled them on my sound processing system here in the US. The file is two hours long and is meant to stimulate and release your level one latent telepathic power. Some of you will notice the benefit right away, some of you will block the power for a while. This file is best used by playing it at low volume while you meditate or sleep. This is the first time this work has been released to humans on earth.
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    Telepathic Enhancement Indeed

    Posted by Meira OraLee Atarah on Jul 12th 2022

    I’m super excited with these beautiful sounds right here! I am literally hearing and sensing what’s going on in the mind of others without direct communication. I often see images in regards to my clairvoyant/Psychic abilities. Now, “sense” ha using/listening to Telepathic Enhancement has definitely turned it up a notch. I’m hearing words. I literally, heard, full sentences and what was going on, in the mind of someone that lives in NY (long distance) that I haven’t seen or heard from in over a year. When I heard what they were saying, about me, I decided to reach out to them a week later. He confirmed everything I said, that he said about me, lol! that I heard. He was in awe and extremely stoked that I heard his message, that he quietly said to himself, after reading my comment on Master’s post on IG. We both laughed. It’s only been a little over a month since I’ve received this beautiful rare gift, and listening to it every night. These sounds are now added to my favorites on my playlist that I know works quickly. I must say it has sharpened and tuned me up big time. I’ve always been really curious on how and why the mind works the way it does, and why do people think certain ways. I’m excited to know this will help me in my line of spiritual work, and to help others as well. Loving it, and I’m starting to have fun with it. Gratitude Masters!! Love, Meira

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    Immediate Results

    Posted by MIKALIA TRAMMEL on Jun 14th 2022

    I Purchased the telepathic enhancement audio last week. I thought that it would take some time to experience results but it worked almost immediately. I have had so many people around me say things that I am only thinking. Also immediately before writing this review, 2 of my classmates said something that I was thinking. Normally that just happens with 1 person but today it was 2 people. ✨