Customized Tablet Spell Stations

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  • Customized Tablet Spell Stations
  • Customized Tablet Spell Stations
  • Customized Tablet Spell Stations
  • Customized Tablet Spell Stations


Customized Tablet Spell Stations



……take your magical practice to the next level……

The God Djanthi-Thoth is the progenitor of magic, spells, writing, medicine, and many other arts that have helped shape human civilization. During early times, mankind saw the mystery of life as something that he could not solve on his own. Man called to the heavens for help, and the gods answered with the presence of Thoth. He answered mankind in two ways. Initially he gave them written spells and verbal spells. Eventually, he advanced his work with mankind, and gave them three-dimensional spells. They did not require verbal intervention. He called the structures that he gave mankind spell stations.

You will notice that in many of our spells, there are repetitive patterns. For the first time we are providing you with the means to manipulate the magic of tablet spells directly. Regular use of the spell station will greatly enhance your raw magical power.

If you examine the spell station, you will notice that it comes with something that looks like coins, and it also comes with a radiator and a geometric station that all contain and amplify magic so that you may use it more powerfully. We give you instructions on how to manipulate your spells at a very high level and amplify your magic up to over 100 times with a Spell station. You can also use your Tybro tools with this spell station to amplify the magic even greater, ie. medallions, pendants, stones, eggs, etc. 

The gods use spell stations to amplify their magic and intervene in the affairs of mankind. A single spell station may allow you to change a spell in hundreds of different ways. You may also change the radiator that is under the spell station to help it specialize for healing, wealth, spiritual power, and enhance consciousness.

We will give you a customized general enhancement radiator to be placed underneath the spell station. 

For the first time you may alter and amplify tablet level work physically, rather than simply looking at the tablet and memorizing a pattern you may now change the pattern and amplify it with your own means. You may also use the spell station to create your own patterns as there are 100s if not, thousands of these different patterns available within you.

We offer this spell station at an initial price of $1500 which will include five coins, one customized general enhancement radiator, the geometric station, and the instructions for working a number of the spells.

This is the same technology that the Gods use.


NOTE: We will release a limited number of spell stations. We have made 15 additional spell stations available for purchase now. These 15 buyers will receive a FREE carnelian stone to use with the spell station.


Each General Enhancement Spell Station Radiator will be customized. Please include your name and date of birth in the order notes. 


Price: $1500 


The station is about 13x13 inches in size with a gold polymer finish. You spell station will look different from the one pictured in the product image. 


Note: All radiators are made to order and take 2-3 weeks to arrive following purchase. 




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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Rajkaur on May 12th 2024

    Thank you Master. Thank you very much. Having this amazing mechanism to benefit from and work with the entire tablet in a shortest possible time in one sitting is great. Worked with the Wealth and Healing spells in addition to other categories of spells.................. felt the system within me get a boost indeed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am learning the truth of point highlighted by Master over and over again about persistent practice to evolve is mandatory requirement. With Grace of Gods and Loving nurturing of Master I am Being PERSISTENT and Committed to my that I am no longer fit to be in this space/dimension anymore. Time to Rise and Grow higher.

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    Posted by Becky on Nov 24th 2023

    i have used this many times but last week, something happened. I placed my hands as indicated and said the words of power. shortly after, my index finger started moving towards my thump. Yes!. there was no effort or intention from me and I wasnt that deep in meditation. Just now. 11/24/2023, 5.39pm central time, I completed my sunset meditation using the living soul medition audio. after which , I placed my palm on the station. this time, after the words of power, it felt as though my palm was on a balloon that breathing in and out. The hard surface of the station had been replaced. it felt as though my palm was moving up and down and sometimes sideways with the inhale oand exhale of felt like a very large and soft balloon. Very magical experience. I am very grateful.

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