Daemonium Card

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The Daemonium Card

Blocking the Force of Death


The force of death is the most demanding and pervasive energy on our planet.  It is also one of the least understood.  Death does not simply claim a person in one fell act of destruction.  Typically, this force requires time to build up within the body before it acts.  Even an accident, murder, or seemingly instant acts of violence are the result of the accumulated energy of the force of death.  The daemonium is a cumulative term for all the energies that cause death, disease, and suffering in our domain. We are born with a specific amount of life force and death energy. How these energies manifest during our lifetimes, short or long, is entirely dependent upon our ability to use choice and power intelligently.


The Daemonium Card is designed to block the accumulation of the force of death in your life.  This force is insidious and can cause money problems, sexual difficulties, health problems, family issues, job problems, accidents, addictive behaviors and a host of other maladies that are designed to achieve one goal, your ultimate death.  As this force accumulates, you may not notice its initial effects.  Persistent money problems, persistent health problems, persistent difficulties of any sort are the result of this accumulated force.  Typically, by the time that you notice the problem, the force has already become an illness. If you use your power of choice and decision to block this buildup, you can extend the length of your life and avoid some suffering and illness.

It is not possible to avoid death and suffering altogether, but you can learn to decrease its effect on your life significantly by using this card. This card blocks the major energies transmitted by the dark forces of the daemonium. It also dissolves some of the accumulated force that has built up in your system.


You may carry it with you, place it under your shirt, or sleep with it under your pillow.  You will find your life lifting and becoming lighter.  You will find that conditions that would not clear will begin to lighten. You will find that your life will become filled with more of the things that you want.  The daemonium blocks blessings.  Now you have a way to counter that force and receive some of the blessings that were meant for you.


The Daemonium Card is a five by seven coated anodized aluminum plate that will last for a very long time. 


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


Price: $600

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5 Reviews

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    Daemonium Card

    Posted by Carmen Spain on Jun 8th 2022

    Since purchasing this card I can see a difference in how I think. I have been more positive, I feel lighter, and I also have received unexpected gifts and free home improvement projects. I'm very happy with this product. I take it to work with me, and sometimes I put it underneath my pillow when I sleep at night.

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    More Restful Sleep

    Posted by Unknown on May 19th 2021

    Received the card and placed it right near pillow same night. I was only able to get around five hours of sleep. The next day at work I was told I don't look as tired as usual. I also noticed that I didn't have to fight as much to stay awake while driving to and from work even though I got less sleep.

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    Posted by on Feb 26th 2018

    I feel more peaceful and protected since wearing this card. I feel mental clarity and guidance in all thing I do. I also had a pain in my shoulder from work for months this pain was so deep in my shoulder I couldn't massage it away. Ever since I have been wearing the deamonium card the pain went away.

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    Posted by Leslie Gordon on Feb 28th 2017

    One of my favorite tools thus far. This tool worked faster than anticipated. I was unaware of the blockages surrounding my development until this tool help me release them. I take it with me everywhere I go. It does exactly what it says, and the blessings keep on coming. Thank you so much!

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    Posted by Omo Fe Oya on Nov 22nd 2016

    Wonderful tool, clears a restless mind allowing for restful sleep.

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