Daemonium: The Black Tablet

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Daemonium: The Black Tablet
The concept of demons is as old as mankind.  In the times of old, we huddled against the night, warm in our caves and huts, protected against the beasts that populated the night. We wove stories of angels and demons, personifications of our fears and dreams.  We slept easily with the dreams of our angels.  The dreams of our demons woke us shivering against the cold of darkness. We did not like the darkness.  We did not like the dreams that came in the darkness.  We discovered something about ourselves in those cold long nights.  We discovered that part of us gives birth to evil.


Each of us is the child of a living God. We look like that God. We have that God's powers. When our divinity matures, that is the being that we will look like. Our main task in each lifetime is to find both the evil and the good, honestly determine which we are going to feed and nourish, and then follow that Path to freedom from suffering and evil.  When we think we are blocked, we simply have not manifested a clear choice between the two. Talking about the choice and fully living it are two different things.


The Daemonium is the part of us that embraces evil. All of us embrace evil to some extent.  We fight against it.  We embrace it.  We pray for it and against it. We go to church. We go to temple. We go to the synagogue. We meditate.  We cry. We curse.  We fight. However, at the end of the fight, no matter what we do, evil persists. Evil cannot be destroyed because it does not exist in the way that a flower does. You can crush a flower, burn it, toss it down the drain and that flower no longer exists.


You cannot treat evil in this way.  You can however develop an enlightened understanding of the concept of evil. Using this text, you can than diminish its effect on your life and consciousness so that it no longer affects you in the same way. 
The Daemonium Black Tablet is designed to help you defeat the evil that is the real reason you are stuck on this world.  Until you utterly defeat the evil that brings you into this world, you are destined to return here and suffer over and over.  This text contains tablets to help the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and preconscious mind blocks which affect anger, fear, and anxiety.  
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
Price: $3000


*Advanced text orders typically take 1-2 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand*




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8 Reviews

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    Worth it!

    Posted by LC on Mar 30th 2024

    Worth every cent! If you feel you need to buy this then do it! Trust that it is worth every cent. I wasn't sure at first but this is a powerful tablet. There are obviously some areas harder than orders based on ones needs but it has helped me tremendously. My work environment can become pretty toxic and filled with chaos, before I started the Daemonium I was stressed and my thoughts were darker than I'd like to entertain. I felt stuck at one point and even considered leaving despite how hard I worked to get in there. Slowly but surely this Tablet has helped me like I would never imagine. Eventually I got the audio and medallion. The tablet itself is powerful, however, in my case I needed an extra boost. As a trio I can feel my lips tremble while doing the practices which speaks volumes in my opinion. Thank you Djanthi for bringing this to us and to Master Gibson for sharing it in turn!

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    Requisite for Spiritual Progress

    Posted by Thee Marvin on May 22nd 2023

    It's been about three days or so and I'm convinced that this text is mandatory for all other spiritual endeavors. It's like an energetic massage in the way that it works the kinks of the broadcast's influence out of your mind, body, and aura. I'm literally blown away by the few applications. Over the last few years, my anxiety has literally worked its way from the ground up to my neck. I now feel that I'm standing upon it, with greater ease, control, and peace of mind. Everything feels so quiet. I look forward to long term success with The Black Tablet. You've done it again (and, again, lol), Master.

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    The Black Tablet

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on May 6th 2022

    The Black Tablet is a spiritual tool, that I have seen over and over again, helps people to receive their Vision of Four. It just really works to block the different Daemonium broadcasts from effecting the aspirant from having to release and go through the whole cycle of letting go of negative emotions that lower the vibration of the person. Personally, the Black Tablet is my go to tablet when i know I am off but do not understand exactly what is going on. It helps me reset, and reset quickly. Thank you, Masters, for bringing this tool to this realm.

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    Negative Thought Form Removal

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 14th 2021

    Dedication to using this tablet definitely helps remove toxic individuals and situations from your life so you can clear a better path towards your spiritual cultivation. Thank you for this tool.

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    Worth its weight in gold

    Posted by Terri Hawkins on Oct 1st 2020

    Definitely include The Black Tablet in your arsenal to fight against darkness of any kind. It truly is one of the best defense tools to combat all sorts of issues people tolerate or take for granted. I recommend this tablet to anyone who wants to free themselves from the grips of the Daemonium Families and their broadcasts. Thank you Master for recommending this tablet. It is worth its weight in gold.

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    Evolving your consciousness

    Posted by Heru( Jarrod) on Jan 9th 2019

    I haven’t finished reading the book yet , I’m unable to read no more than a few pages at a time, it’s definitely something to invest your money into if you want to evolve your understanding of sacred spiritual thoughts

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    I am very grateful that this day came

    Posted by Unknown on May 29th 2017

    I had been using this tablet for quite some time. However, no one else in my family had it. This purchase was a gift for my father. He has started using it and is very happy with the results.

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    Love this tool

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 7th 2016

    I have suffered with bouts of depression since I was a child; they seem to come out of nowhere. Since using this beautiful tablet/book I feel I am able to keep the depression/down cycle/overwhelming anxiety from materializing. It's truly been an amazing and transformative tool for me I recommend it for anyone who deals with underlying anxiety/depression/angst on a daily basis-

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