Disclosure: Top Secret Master Class (Virtual)

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Disclosure: Top Secret Master Class 





The world finds itself in the midst of a period of astonishing and bewildering events that seem to defy the norms of nature and understanding. Reports of alien sightings have surged, the planet's climate appears to be in turmoil, as unprecedented and ferocious hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes wreak havoc in regions unaccustomed to such phenomena. Alongside these cataclysms, record-breaking heatwaves have enveloped continents, pushing ecosystems and infrastructure to their limits. As the world grapples with these remarkable occurrences, scientists, researchers, and the public alike are left pondering the intricate interconnectedness of the Earth's intricate systems and its place within the broader cosmos.


There are many races of alien beings that are already present on Earth. These highly advanced beings are in charge of this domain and are the cause of the recent global unrest. They view humans as a lesser race and hope to keep us subservient or eliminate us altogether.


There is a council of highly evolved beings who want to help humanity, known as the Federation. The Federation is made up of a multitude of beings, not unlike those in the Star Trek series. The Federation are many lifetimes more evolved than humans and aim to take hold of this domain from the beings who want to control us. 


In this one-of-a-kind webinar Master Class, we will offer you insight into what is taking place, what is to come, and the beings behind it. We will also inform you of what their goal is and how it will affect your life and existence. You will learn how to best protect yourself and Master Gibson will also give insight into the best Tybro tools one can use to build your spiritual power. The greatest defense you have is to arm yourself with knowledge. This will also help prevent you from panicking…which is exactly what they want you to do.


There is great power in the individual. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Steve Jobs, and many others have shown how an individual — can change the course of humanity. We have the ability inside us to stop them. It only takes one. You have the power to change not only your reality but the reality and future of humankind. 


With every purchase of the Master Class, you will receive a set of 9 protective audio attunements for FREE. The instructions for use and description of these attunements will be explained during the Master Class only. These attunements came directly from the Federation and are priced at $250. This free offer is available until August 31st! After this introductory period, the attunements will be available only with the purchase of the webinar Master Class. 


Join us for this very important webinar. 


NOTE: Registration will close Friday, September 22nd at 11:59PM EST.


Disclaimer: This webinar Master Class will contain highly sensitive content. Please proceed with attendance at your own discretion. 


Date: September 23rd, 2023

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm Est. 

Price: $500.00


NOTE: This Master Class will be a one-time-only event that you will not want to miss. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the material, there will be no recording given and it will not be placed on Vimeo. 

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7 Reviews

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    Posted by Yaya on Oct 6th 2023

    Knowledge brings awareness. And with awareness comes the power to change, grow and evolve. Very grateful to have had this opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you

  • 5

    Posted by Wendy on Oct 5th 2023

    Very informative information was given. I would like to have a conversation with higher providers From the Fair Group that was part of the Disclosure Group. I Happy we had this knowledge about them. Thank You

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    Disclosure was a welcomed truth!

    Posted by Shirl Rhoades on Oct 4th 2023

    You know that feeling of being informed of something that you have suspected, but haven't shared? Well, this entire class checked that box repeatedly! Master has done it yet again, imparting knowledge of information that has been hidden for far too long. This Master class shed light on various topics, conspiracy theories and top secret subject matter. Knowing is only part of the battle and this class doesn't leave you with only knowledge, but also POWER...and HOPE. TRULY PRICELESS! Thank you Masters!

  • 5
    Top secret master class

    Posted by Zonda Thomas on Oct 4th 2023

    Awesome! In one word. The Truth, something I’ve been searching for for most of my life. The knowledge shared has prompted me to be more dedicated to my practices. It has answered so many questions and gave me a clear understanding life and my purpose. I am looking forward to the next master in October. I consider this knowledge invaluable and I thank you Master Gibson and Master Acharya for making it possible!

  • 4
    Play no games

    Posted by Tyson Langston on Oct 2nd 2023

    I’m not going to lie to y’all I felt like an entity ?was watching me the whole time, make sure I won’t steal the information. I guess Master’s take that very seriously!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Damian DS on Sep 24th 2023

    Excellent class. Was blown away by the information and images! Time to get to work!

  • 5
    Disclosure: Top Secret Master Class

    Posted by C.A.T on Sep 23rd 2023

    I am blown away at the information shared during this webinar. Yes, I have been aware of some of the information shared here and there at the basic level but not in one place and certainly not at the level of details that was discussed. I am grateful and honored to have been able to attend this webinar and I had so many epiphanies about my own life right after the webinar. The investment was well worth the return. Gratitude to Master Gibson !

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