The Secrets of Spiritual Healing 2021 (Virtual Master Class)

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The Secrets of Spiritual Healing 2021


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Spiritual healing is the practice (and experience) of restoring, harmonizing and balancing our Spirit or Soul. Spiritual healing is also seen as a transcendental experience of reconnecting with our true nature. In 2007, Dr. Mitchell Gibson delivered a ground-breaking two-day seminar on the secrets of spiritual healing. The Secrets of Spiritual Healing examined the function of the healing forces in a way that has never before been seen. Dr. Mitchell Gibson’s two-day lecture was filmed live at the International Science and Consciousness Conference.

The second day’s lecture focused on applications, and Dr. Gibson illuminates some of the lesser-known applications of spiritual healing. Topics include the Wands of Horus, healing pendulums, divine world prayer, sacred healing mantras, sacred initiatic herbs, radionics, scanning, the book of healing, and special healing baths.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson is one of the world's leading authorities on the interface of science, the human soul, and the frontiers of human consciousness. He is a retired board-certified forensic psychiatrist, author, and spiritual teacher.

He has delivered addresses to many of the world's largest conferences related to science and consciousness. These include The International Science and Consciousness Conference, The Sivananda Ashram Annual Symposium, International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, The SSGRR-IT Conference on Advances in Electronic Medicine in Italy, The Southeast Regional Unity Ministers Conference, The Northwest Astrological Association, The American Federation of Astrologers and many others.

The new secrets of spiritual healing drawn from more than a decade of new information on spiritual healing that Dr. Gibson has gathered from around the world. This two-hour presentation includes information on healing spells, sound healing, astral healing, objects of power, the book of life, and the advanced healing power of magical currents.

Join us for this one-of-a-kind spiritual master class on healing delivered by one of the world’s most revered spiritual teachers, Dr. Mitchell Gibson.



NOTE: If you can't attend the live event, register BEFORE the event and you will receive a cloud recording within 48 hours after the event. All attendees will receive the recording as well. Registration ends March 29th at 11:59PM Eastern Time.


Date: March 30th, 2021


Time: 11:00am- 1:00pm


Price: $250


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5 Reviews

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    The secrets of healing 2021 was phenomenal!

    Posted by Jonathan Daryl Miller on Apr 7th 2021

    This master class introduced me to advanced spiritual teachings that I could not have learned anywhere else! I recommend anyone who is serious about spiritual healing to watch this presentation! Thank you Master Gibson!

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    So Grateful!!

    Posted by Meira Oralee Atarah on Apr 7th 2021

    Thank Y♡U Masters !! Always enlightening information to apply to our evolution on this path which helps us see the unseen and understand more in depth the healing energies and how it changes us not only internally but our overall aura that is also strengthened to help keep away low frequency and or unwanted entities from attacking. Moreover, ths helped informed me on another higher level of understanding the higher energies that are within us, water help our continued advance healing and growth towards enlightenment. These Beautiful spiritual tools and wisdom is totally out of this world. Thank you....To be continue Love Meira

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    Secrets of Spiritual Healing

    Posted by Ankh Biggers on Apr 7th 2021

    This masterclass was truly amazing. There was a lot of information covered so it's difficult to speak on it at this time because it's still processing and I will need to digest it more. But I can say this is definitely a jump start for anyone looking accelerate their healing ability with Magick. And I really like how Dr. Gibson stresses that in no way is this a substitute for your medical responsibilities. The information is quite powerful.

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    Highly recommended

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 7th 2021

    Great webinar as always. Great advice and tools for healing yourself and others. Thank you.

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    The Secrets of Spiritual Healing

    Posted by Sheila Sherpa on Mar 30th 2021

    Wonderful Webinar & Information was beyond great. Many thanks for giving a deeper understanding of many things. My mind is at ease & peace. Blessings, Sheila

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