Empowering Your Astral Bodies - Audio Download

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Empowering Your Astral Bodies - Audio Download


Astral projection or astral travel refers to the experience of a person's conscious awareness leaving the physical body to observe the world from an independent and objective point of view. This is also referred to as an out-of-body experience (OBE). Mainstream science dismisses astral projection out of hand as being impossible according to the laws of physics as they are currently understood. It is relegated instead to flights of imagination, dreams, or hallucinations.


Astral travel is often associated with meditation. Over the years, I have developed a number of methods for inducing this experience at will. One of the techniques that I utilize is sound meditation. I have developed a proprietary combination of sounds that I have used over time to help me leave my body. As you may have read in a number of my books, I do this quite often. 


This recording is a updated and more advanced version of the Induce Astral Travel audio download. The audio works with the energy in your astral form and helps to bring it to the surface. It builds up the energy resonance within your body that will gradually make it possible to you to leave your body with ease. We have never before released this recording. Playing the sound in the background while you sleep or meditating with it regularly using headphones will help you build up the power necessary to take off out of your body. 


Recommendations for astral travel.

1. I would recommend short trips at first, the house, your bedroom, the neighborhood etc.

2 Try not to look back at your body. This tends to pull you back rather quickly. 

3. Do not eat red meat, smoke, drink alcohol, or eat shellfish, asparagus, or pork for at least one week prior to astral travel. These energies not only make it difficult to leave the body, but if you do get out while these energies are in your body, you will visit some regions of the astral world best not visited.

4. Refraining from sexual activity, masturbation, or strenuous exercise for one week prior to astral travel also makes the process easier.


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5 Reviews

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    Empowering your Astro body

    Posted by Anthony Wright on Jan 4th 2024

    I like the tone the tone is a penetrating energy at times I get a floating sensation but I'm only one week in but so far so good thank you

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    Astral Body Audio

    Posted by Gav on Jul 12th 2023

    The Empowering your Astral Body audio is one that I have worked with on and off for many months. I noticed there were times when I wasn’t using it and my fiancé was, his dreamwork and meditations were so vivid and strong whereas mine felt dull. Not to compare but only encourage – his consistency inspired me to reintroduce the audio back into my nightly playlist. Boy oh boy, am I happy I did! I feel like I am hitting a breakthrough recently and I can be certain it’s due to working with this tape every night and every so often during the day as an added bonus. My dreams are incredibly lucid where I’m dreaming of astral projecting. Often times I’m wondering wait did that really happen or was that just a dream? I can taste, smell, and FEEL so strongly and know the audio is amplifying what I am experiencing. Recently, the way I can feel water while I’m swimming or the rain on my skin is electrifying. I also have been able to dictate my actions and make conscious choices so much easier. The dream recall is also very, very detailed. I recommend anyone who is interested in working on their astral projection or dreamwork to use this audio regularly. It is so effortless when you make a bedtime playlist and let it run while you sleep. I look forward to seeing what becomes after continuing to use this tool consistently for many more months to come. Thank you Masters!

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    Astral Travel

    Posted by Myron Seals on Feb 23rd 2023

    It works!

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    I dream of astral projection

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 16th 2022

    After receiving my magical energy body report I learned that my astral projection energies were exceptionally low. This was disappointed but, thankfully Tybro has followers covered with everything you need to raise yourself up. I decided to get the empowering your astral bodies audio file. It is a 10-minute audio file that is very powerful. After first use during meditation, I began to fill a great vibration through my body. This vibration has been described in all the astral projection books and research I have I have come across. This is great news! As I was a bit discouraged from many failed attempts and my low scores in my reading regarding astral power. Now, I am hopeful since I have tools at my disposal and fully aware that with time and practice I can achieve this feat in my growth. Once I am able to astral project consciously and at will there will be so many new doors to my interaction with reality and my magic that will open. I like to combine this attunement with the Third Eye Astral attunement also on the Tybro website. Both attunements are reasonably priced grab them! they are worth significantly more. You can use them for a lifetime. Tybro provides revolutionary spiritual tools. I encourage anyone on the training path of the astral arts to get this attunement. Even though I haven’t gotten out of my body yet there are very obvious sensations occurring with this tool that lets me know I’m headed in the right direction. Thank you Tybro!

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    Works fast

    Posted by Kevin Hunt on Aug 5th 2021

    I astral traveled the 2nd night. Master Gibson is the G.O.A.T

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