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                                                             The Third Eye Astral Body Attunement
The third eye is the organ that we use everyday to see in dreams.  It is developed enough in most people so that they can see clearly in dreams, visions, and nightmares.  The third eye is shut down by the connection between the astral body and the physical body during the day.  This connecting circuit, the dream censor circuit, blocks incoming data from the astral body while the mind is awake in the physical world.  As a result, most people forget their dreams, visions, and nightmares upon waking.
The astral body functions while we are awake.  It continues to monitor dreams, visions, and nightmares, which also continue while we are awake.  The Third Eye Astral Body Attunement allows the astral senses and the physical senses to work well together so that the user can begin to see within the dream state more clearly.  Also, dreams and visions are enhanced while you are awake to that you can communicate with your astral self more easily. The attunement blocks out the energy of nightmares so that dreams and visions may be seen safely. When the third eye opens safely, you can use your astral vision with your physical eyes.  
Play the sound for one hour while you sleep and then turn it off.  The mind will do the rest of the work.  You may also play it during the day for further enhancement.  With time, your astral/clairvoyant vision will improve and open safely.
If you have the Third Eye Medallion, place it under your pillow while you sleep and it will enhance the function of the attunement.  You will see your ancestors, the gods, elementals, and me more clearly as you sleep.  I look forward to seeing you mature.
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(7 reviews) Write a Review

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    Go ahead and purchase

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 21st 2018

    Glad to have this attunement. I intend to purchase more. Namaste.

  • 4
    Definitely different!

    Posted by Rob on Jun 3rd 2016

    The recording makes me feel as if I'm in an underground arctic base while a spiritual auger drills into my forehead. I haven't noticed much difference, so I'll just keep at it.

  • 5
    Awesome tool!!

    Posted by Vicki on May 7th 2016

    Another amazing product from the Masters. Thank you so much. Definitely could feel my 3rd eye shifting and more clarity of visions.

  • 5

    Posted by Pronob on May 6th 2016

    This tool is by far the best I came across in Third eye activation. It offers clarity in third eye vision as well as provides deeper lucidity within the dream. Will recommend it to every one.

  • 5
    AWESOME tool to own

    Posted by Rajkaur on May 3rd 2016

    I have been playing it daily for at least hour every night and sometimes during the day as well. I definitely found some changes in my dreams.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on May 3rd 2016

    I've used it every night so far and my dream recall upon waking has increased. I would highly recommend. Looking forward to experiencing the ongoing evolution.

  • 5
    Miraculous sound

    Posted by Dimitrios on Apr 27th 2016

    Miraculous sound! Not of this World. Beauty and power beyond words. A true Third Eye awakening tool. This the work of a True Master. Thank you Master.