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The Third Eye Astral Body Attunement
The third eye is the organ that we use everyday to see in dreams.  It is developed enough in most people so that they can see clearly in dreams, visions, and nightmares.  The third eye is shut down by the connection between the astral body and the physical body during the day.  This connecting circuit, the dream censor circuit, blocks incoming data from the astral body while the mind is awake in the physical world.  As a result, most people forget their dreams, visions, and nightmares upon waking.
The astral body functions while we are awake.  It continues to monitor dreams, visions, and nightmares, which also continue while we are awake.  The Third Eye Astral Body Attunement allows the astral senses and the physical senses to work well together so that the user can begin to see within the dream state more clearly.  Also, dreams and visions are enhanced while you are awake to that you can communicate with your astral self more easily. The attunement blocks out the energy of nightmares so that dreams and visions may be seen safely. When the third eye opens safely, you can use your astral vision with your physical eyes.  
Play the sound for one hour while you sleep and then turn it off.  The mind will do the rest of the work.  You may also play it during the day for further enhancement.  With time, your astral/clairvoyant vision will improve and open safely.
If you have the Third Eye Medallion, place it under your pillow while you sleep and it will enhance the function of the attunement.  You will see your ancestors, the gods, elementals, and me more clearly as you sleep.  I look forward to seeing you mature.
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Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
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(18 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Robbie Wilson on Sep 10th 2022

    I am not the one to write reviews on anything. I would say this is the one thing, I NEED to write a review on. I used the attunement for a few days and what looked like someone taking a picture in my face with the flash on was actually flashes of light coming from my third eye. I was so startled that I opened my eyes because I literally thought someone was in my house flashing lights around me. I then started to have visions and I saw a man doing tarot cards, whom I thought was Master Mitchell Gibson. It literally looked liked him. I don't know if my vision of clairvoyance is developing or what but what I can say that this is working and this is my fourth day using it. I am also starting to get vivid dreams, where I feel I am interacting with other people in my dreams. I can actually feel the people talking and touching me. Get this attunement, you won't be sorry you did. It may take time, but I guarantee you will see and dream of things, you never knew were possible.

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    3rd eye attunement

    Posted by Brooklyn on Sep 8th 2022

    I can say that throughout the day my 3rd eye pulses from time to time. I usually listen to this audio while reading, meditating, and sleeping. This is a comforting audio also.

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    Tingling sensation between eyebrows

    Posted by Priyanka Wasnik on Jun 14th 2022

    Like all other Tyrbo products, the Third Eye Astral Body Attunement is not just a unique one albeit a very powerful one indeed. If you want to experience what “spiritual high” feels like without ingesting “edibles” you need to get this audio. As silly as it may sound, I was vary of purchasing this product at first and kept procrastinating buying it thinking if I was ready for the consequences using the third eye attunement and opening the third eye would bring. But I decided to overcome the impediment that my own mind was creating for me. There is sense of calm, serenity and urge to shut your eyes when using this audio. It ensues with a tingling sensation between the eyebrows. The feeling is similar to invisible magnetic waves created between 2 opposite poles of magnet just that it is now right between your eyebrows. I was expecting a certain vibration frequency audio but no it is something out of the world. I had not heard of anything like this before. In fact, with my eyes shut I felt like I was travelling through colorful space. The image of Lord Shiva’s Third Eye and the sigil given on the tybro page for this attunement keeps showing in my mind. As a matter of fact, I am next thinking of purchasing the book Oculus to learn about the beauty that opening the third eye can bring to life. Already working with the sigils in Somnium to create more wealth for the new purchase. Note to please use headphone to get the best effect from using this tool. I tried playing it without the headphones and boy was I disappointed. It felt like much diluted effect of such a powerful sound. Thank you Masters for creating such an amazing product and Tybro team for sharing it with us at such an affordably low price.

  • 5

    Posted by Carmen on Mar 12th 2022

    I've been listening to this attunement for about a week. Last night I began to see and feel bolts of lightning flash through my mind. I will continue listening to it, I have a feeling this is only the beginning..

  • 5

    Posted by Crystal harris on Jun 18th 2021

    I am working on my astral vision and everytime I play this attunement, I just relax and feel the frequencies start to flow through different chakras. This says third eye, but I definitely feel it in other chakras as well! The first time I ever listened, I was getting some clear visuals. I like to practice Remote Viewing and if I do this Attunement before being tasked on an RV target, I am much more accurate and give detailed information on the target. This seems to energize and refresh your AP body which is great and healthy for your emotional body. Recently I had an odd dream and I would've been scared! But nope! I tried to recreate the dream and HUNT DOWN whatever bothered me! I wouldn't have imagined doing that ever in my life. I am turning my fears into FIRE

  • 5
    My Clairs

    Posted by Vanessa Fernander on May 4th 2021

    See my third eye review in the clairvoyant frequency I apologize in advance. This took a few days to connect with this product my experiences are as follows: I vividly see me doing things then I do it literally I hear conversations before they happen or I what to say before the other person speaks Smells have become more visceral Touches are like waves or I’m indicated to move away from a situation right away During mediation I can hear a pin drop and I’m alerted to sounds of danger as I request I can easily set an internal clock to wake up as I wish

  • 5

    Posted by Keenan Pounds on Mar 11th 2021

    Since my purchase I have started to notice a difference in subconscious conscious Im loving this journey I'm going down

  • 5
    This works

    Posted by Kevin Hunt on Mar 7th 2021

    This works. The first few times I used this i traveled to a world in my dreams and remered every detail.

  • 5
    Third eye helped me immensely

    Posted by eriha mitchell on Sep 30th 2020

    First of all thank you Dr Mitchell gibson for all you do for humanity. I am greatful my higher self lead me to the teacher I was looking for my whole life. This 3rd eye attunement absolutely works wonders. Within one week of following the instructions I had gained back my spiritual sight. My partner had some let's say undesirable entities attached to her dreaming body. I had did all I could think of to no avail. Then once my 3rd eye opened I could clearly see what was causing our bad dreams. This entity was sitting on our chests at night raping our energy. Once I could see this clearly It noticed I could see it. I had open dialogue with it telepathically. I let it have it. And banished it with prayer. I am living proof that this product works folks. For 2 years I couldn't remove it. Within one week of using this attunement It helped work wonders and also my dreams are very clear now not jumbled like in a riddle form. This is one of many TYBRO products I have used. And I tell you now with out a shadow of a doubt, DR MITCHELL GIBSON and his beautiful wife's TYBRO products are the the most comprehensive high level spiritual technology I have ever seen or used. I have followed many spiritual teachers and masters over the last 20 years, but not one of them have the simplicit applicational process to go with the spiritual energetic power some of the tybro relics and items have. Some of the tablets and packages available are actually priceless In what they offer you, especially the advanced spiritual texts and tablets. There's no one in the world I have seen offering step by step easy to use technology like this. That's what makes it so amazing because it's effortless to use. How easy is it to listen to an audio recording to open your 3rd eye as opposed to meditating for several hours a day and getting no where. I tried that, didn't work people. This did work. I could write reviews on other items too but I'd have to write a novel to fit it, there's that much proof from my own experience of tybro Items. Once again thank you thank you thank you Dr Mitchell gibson Love and light everyone.