How to Find Your Spiritual Parents and Building Your Spiritual Altar E-Book

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How to Find Your Spiritual Parents and Building Your Spiritual Altar E-Book


In this new book, we will teach you how to connect with your spiritual parents.  We will also teach you how to find them on your own. This task is a major spiritual blessing and in the past, one could go to spiritual teachers, magi, shamans, or other connected beings in order to find out who your connections are. I can look at a person and tell who their spiritual parents are, in much the same way that one can see physical parentage. There are ways to tell who your spiritual parents are, and now we will share some of these secrets with the world.


This book is dedicated to creating and maintaining a spiritual altar. If you build this altar, there will be Gods sitting upon it. Their energy will fill your home. They will shadow you in ways that you cannot imagine. They will do this in order to help you make your life better. They have loved you and watched over you for longer than you have been incarnated on this planet. As humans, we cannot remember their presence or see their faces, but they are there whether we honor them or not.


In this book we will show you how to build your altar. We will show you where to put it once it is complete. We will show you what to place on your altar. We will teach you how to maintain your altar. We will advise you as to which Gods and Goddesses you should place on your altar.


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12 Reviews

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    powerful book.

    Posted by MoorSoul on Mar 25th 2024

    I'm super grateful to put these tools to use. Gratitude to Master Gibson I am forever thankful and grateful ??.

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    Posted by Dudu Masuku on Aug 13th 2023

    This book is a must have. Thank you Master Gibson.

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    Posted by Dani on Apr 30th 2023

    I decided to do this over because the first time was more of a dream interpretation. I was focused on my spiritual mother specifically and her name came on the tv, on a channel that never speaks on gods/goddesses! I still feel close to the other Goddess but I just felt that something was missing. I also did this over a third time because I felt I had more than one spiritual father and I do. I was led to information showing the similarities in our personalities that I hadn’t noticed before. Even while focusing on my spiritual fathers this time more info continued to come through about my spiritual mother to make sure I understood exactly who she was. This helped me to have a deeper understanding of why I have had certain experiences with her like receiving money and even getting a free car after she came to me. I have come to the conclusion that I have a connection with many of the gods/ goddesses. I love my spiritual parents and guides.

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    Spiritual Parents

    Posted by Jamar on Sep 30th 2022

    One of the best things I’ve purchased to date! I’ve gotten immense insight on my life and why certain things correlate to me so deeply based on finding my spiritual parents. It’s like my intuition has been put into overdrive and things are divinely falling into place. Truly grateful to the Masters for providing this service

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    Must Have Book If You Are Serious About Your Spiritual Journey

    Posted by R. Coates on Jun 16th 2022

    I purchased this book a little over a year ago. I remember being so anxious about setting up my altar. Programming is real folks!!! When I finally made the decision to do it, I found everything I was looking for at two stores on the same day within an hour. It was as if each item was patiently waiting for me. It was perfect. Having an altar has brought peace and serenity to my home. Also, being able to place my other spiritual items on my altar has helped strengthen my connection with my ancestors and the Gods. I know who my spiritual parents are and I am blessed that I am able to connect with them. After my first time reading the book, I knew exactly who my father was. I needed help with discovering my mother….Thank you Master

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    I built my first altar!

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 16th 2022

    I have the most beautiful and charged altar thanks to the instructiosn from this book. Master Gibson walks you through step by step to building an effective bridge between you and the spiritual world that is an altar. The book outlines the significace of altars, the appropriate materials, placement in your home, suggested deities to have upon the altar, and what types of offerings to place and not to place on your altar. It seems sophiscated at first but, with careful following of the instructions when you complete your altar it will immediately change the energy in your home. When I look at our altar it has a sense of prestige. It has also evolved over time in the most beautiful way and without much effort. The intutive creativity of my being seems to guide me. Our altar may be our most prized possession as a whole. Fruits and foods we place on the altar as offerings tend to last extraordianry long without spoilage. As I write this review we have had a summer squash that has been on the altar for nearly a year and has kept its freshness.. its unbelievable. We have had meats stay fresh longer than normal as well. The book also has information on deities of light that are loving and willing to help humanity and form personal relationships with you. You are not alone on this spiritual path. Master Gibson helps you to discover your spiritual parents and family with this work. There are also some pretty cool spells in the book that deal with connecting with angels to seek answers about your spiritual lineage. Finding your spiritual parents book is an excellent foundational book. Even if your are a seasoned it certainly holds a place a solid reference book.

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    A must have

    Posted by Crystal Hutchings on Jun 14th 2022

    I’ve practiced African traditions for over 10 years now, so I’ve had an altar set up for years but never in this manor. I found this set up along with the other information very effective if you are incorporating other pantheons of spirituality and really maximizes my space. This is a great book for questions you may have regarding who your spiritual parents are, as well. I can attest to the energy you feel after you set your altar up in this manor. Grab this book!

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    Helpful beginning book

    Posted by Beth Price on Jun 13th 2022

    This was the first book I got from Tybro, the main benefit I got from this book was that it really helps you begin on your spiritual journey for several reasons. One point was that it helps you to create an alter, if you are struggling to create one and are at the beginning of your spiritual journey it would be helpful for you (such as: what material to use, elements to have on it, understand more about primary and secondary offerings, what direction to place your alter in - as a few examples). Another reason is that you get to understand more about different divine beings and what offerings the beings prefer - which is pretty insightful to see the variety of offerings different gods / goddesses like and it’s interesting to see that not all divine beings like just wine or food! One point to mention is that you do get to see which gods & goddesses reside under each day of the week. This gives you insight into which gods/ goddess you may be connected to based on the day you were born - however it doesn’t give you the answer; it’s a starting point for you to progress from. In the back of the book, there’s a few additional tools shared to help you evolve and opportunities to help you get the answers to your questions e.g. who are my spiritual parents? You may not get the answer instantaneously but it’s a good starting point! Overall, this is a good book to get as you’re in the beginning of your spiritual journey and make sure you get the basics (such as alter work) right! And it’s useful to have in your back pocket to reference overtime.

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    Amazing Resource

    Posted by LaToya Franks on Sep 13th 2021

    This by far is the most helpful tool that I've come across in regards to building an altar. I started my spiritual journey in 2018 and it accelerated when my grandmother passed that year. Before she passed, she handed me two statues and told me to keep them for her as she was moving into my Uncle house so they could care for her. One month later, she passed away and I had no idea what these statues meant. I placed them on my altar anyways and lit candles. Through this book, I am now learning it's The Jade Emperor. I didn't know who The Jade Emperor was before this book. Now I wonder if my grandmother knew and intentionally gave them to me. I'm grateful that now I know how to properly honor my Ancestors, Gods and Goddesses which I can pass down to my daughter. It is amazing to see how my altars have grown energetically just from applying ideas from this book.

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    How To Find Your Spiritual Parents

    Posted by Robin on Dec 8th 2020

    This book brought structure to my altar. I've always only received the same informal instructions to have the 4 elements and personalize as you are guided by Spirit. However, I've found in this book that there is an entire science on energizing hot altar. Thank you

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