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Inner Strength - Audio Download


Inner strength means the possession of willpower, self-discipline and staying power. It is resilience, perseverance and tenacity. It means inner fortitude. It expresses itself as assertiveness, courage, and the ability to withstand difficulties and obstacles. Inner strength, also called atmabala, is the strength of the soul. It is the core strength of a person, while mental strength is simply the strength of the mind. And we know that we, souls, are different from our minds. We have minds, which we use for feeling, thinking and willing.

Strong inner strength gives us immense benefits. It gives us patience, a lot of it, which is required at all times due to our being very small entities. We are very small cogs in a very large wheel, which the whole is creation. Courage is essential for doing our duties and inner strength contributes directly to it. Good inner strength gives us self-confidence. It also gives us determination, tolerance and enthusiasm — all necessary for leading a quality life. People with great inner strength are compassionate and they take pains to purify their existence, which makes them very high class individuals. All these are extremely rare qualities.

If inner strength is so important for us, then how can this be enhanced? God is the only source of it, therefore, it has to come from him only. There is no other way. Spiritual knowledge and spiritual consciousness also contribute, but a strong connection with God is a must if we are serious about gaining inner strength. This rare secret recording is a prayer mantra giving to humans directly by The Creator. It is used by angels to strengthen themselves before coming to earth. We do not write the words down, but we can benefit and increase our inner strength by listening to the recording. Your soul hears the words and draws strength from their power. The longer you listen, the more strength you draw.

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    his audio makes me feel at Home. Whenever I feel out of focus it brings me back to my enduring Primordial Self. Humbled by this product and these Words given by the Creator Himself. How Blessed are we...

    Posted by Martina on Sep 24th 2022

    Gratitude and Glory to the One and gratitude to the Masters, from here to Beyond.

  • 5
    Inner strength

    Posted by shalana on Aug 25th 2022

    I'm listening to this recording as I write this review. I instantly feel a vibration in my chest. I can't wait to feel what this brings when listening to it on a consistent basis.

  • 5
    Worthy product

    Posted by SamuEL on Jul 18th 2022

    In my current field, I needed this product and never forget to play it through out the day. I feel my drive increase for all I desire and need. I played it first in my Bluetooth earbuds and it was like a "Boom" from the first word. Anytime that happens just like the Master RA Spell, I knew I would enjoy it forever. Experience the power of the Creator in your life with this product. You will be glad you did.