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Sudden Fortune carries the ancient resonance of the magical formula of Psalms 57.  This resonance is hidden not within the English translation of the text, but in the Original Ancient Aramaic words.  These words are part of an ancient primordial language that is a great source of mystical and supernatural power.  Listening to the words and the soothing sounds of the background, gently coaxes the soul to release its treasures into the life of the listener.  Better health, greater wealth, improved relationships, and greater clarity regarding the purpose of life may result.

We called it Sudden Fortune because these energies will be released in sudden bursts of energy and power.  The process tends not to be slow and gradual.  One day the power seems not to be there, the next day, it is there in torrents.  This is our first recording of the supernatural version of the psalms.  We have used this energy with great result in the past and now we wish to share it with our followers.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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16 Reviews

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    Amazing! 10 ⭐️ stars

    Posted by Armando Rodriguez on Feb 26th 2024

    I got this audio download about 2 weeks ago & ever since I got it I was able to sell my vehicle, purchase another and sell that one as well in that timeframe! Alli can say is WOW! You always come through Master Gibson! Thank You!

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    Posted by MaDonna Poole on Sep 8th 2023

    Thank you. I am fortunate to have found this audio download.

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    Sudden Good Fortune

    Posted by Chelsea A. on Aug 18th 2023

    I wanted to add to my review, my tire did not go flat, I meant to say my car battery had died. :)

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    Sudden good fortune

    Posted by Chelsea A. on Aug 17th 2023

    I put this audio on for the first time while driving. I was only about 40 minutes into it when my tire went flat. I had the sudden thought that maybe I should turn this audio off, but I did not. Triple A came and I took my car to audio zone to check the battery. When the employee came out to check my battery he said that it was actually still good, but that my warranty would be expiring at the end of the month. He asked me if I wanted to just go ahead and change it out right there and then, so that I could just have a new battery. I was very fortunate for that.

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    Sudden Fortune

    Posted by C. T on Apr 24th 2023

    I wasn't skeptical about the product, I just didn't know what to expect with the energies will be released in sudden burst. One day I had my parking fees paid for, a few days later my dinner was paid for and this past weekend I placed an order to be delivered and the wrong food was delivered; I got to keep it ( it was something I enjoy) and my original order was delivered for free......

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    The best

    Posted by Lucie by on Feb 27th 2023


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    Another great audio for my library

    Posted by Norton Muto on Jul 16th 2022

    I love this audio, I listen to it daily as I complete other tasks or during my commute. I find that I’ve been listening to the full audio about twice a day. Very soothing. My chest starts to feel lighter and my breathing improves when I listen to it with my headphones. Good to play as background noise in the house as well when cooking, cleaning, etc.

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    A Review from the Ganden Network

    Posted by Brooklyn Clark on Jun 14th 2022

    This audio caught me by surprise. I only say surprise because when i noticed the audio was affective, it had already been in affect. I just wasn’t conscious enough to understand how it would work, and when it would work. In a way this helped my consciousness be expanded to understand how thing fall into place. Overall great audio to have for one a spiritual tool.

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    Sudden Fortune...deep and rousing connection

    Posted by Jason M. on May 9th 2022

    First used the printed version from sunrise. Saw positive changes at work and better jobs over time. A Mystical recording that taps in to the power of the psalms in ancient language. Thank you.

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    Just be consistent

    Posted by Brooklyn Clark on Apr 5th 2022

    Tbh, I’m new to receiving signs. I’m becoming aware though. I’ve had some things pop up since listening to this audio. Honestly though I’m knowing that things take time, so I’ll continue to be consistent. You spend money on anything, so why not spend on things that benefit to you. I know this will benefit me for the better.

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