OXALDRA: The Art of Prophecy

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Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Jean Dixon are known to be among the greatest clairvoyants of all time. Looking into the future is a very precarious endeavor. It is far easier to see what you want to see than to gaze upon what is actually there. If this were not true, then everyone would win the lottery, choose the perfect job, or marry the right person the first time around. There is a great secret regarding the examination of the future. Everyone looks clearly into the future every day, and then we are programmed to forget it.


Oxaldra is the art of clearly looking into the future and remembering what you see.


The word Oxaldra is a celestial angelic word that means “clearing a path”. In other words, it refers to one’s ability to clearly see the paths created by the energy of time. In my lifetime as Nostradamus, I clearly saw many paths into the future and wrote them down in books calls Centuries. I wrote hundreds of accurate predictions in this way. In this lifetime, I have accurately predicted volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteor strikes, hurricanes, stock market movements, disease, and a host of other events through my use of Oxaldra. I have now been asked to place these techniques in a tablet for you to use.


Through Oxaldra, you will learn to look into your own future and the futures of your loved ones. I will also place a number of predictions regarding our world, the universe around us, and the abiding time lines close to our own that will cover the next twenty years. You will also learn about the true nature of time, predictions, and the hidden potential of your own clairvoyance.


Oxaldra is a watershed volume that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. Get your copy today.


Dr. Gibson


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