The Oracle at Delphi Prophecy Medallion

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  • The Oracle at Delphi Prophecy Medallion
  • The Oracle at Delphi Prophecy Medallion
  • The Oracle at Delphi Prophecy Medallion
  • The Oracle at Delphi Prophecy Medallion


The Oracle at Delphi Prophecy Medallion 




Oracles have a rich and diverse history that spans across different cultures and civilizations. These revered figures served as conduits between the mortal realm and the divine, possessing the ability to communicate with gods or spirits and provide insights, prophecies, and guidance to those who sought their wisdom. Oracles played a significant role in ancient societies, shaping religious practices, political decisions, and individual lives. 


The Oracle at Delphi, also known as the Pythia, holds a significant place in ancient Greek history and mythology. Located in the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi, this revered priestess served as the medium through which the god Apollo communicated with mortals. The Oracle's prophecies were sought by kings, politicians, and individuals from all walks of life, making her an influential figure in the ancient world. The Oracle's advice and prophecies were seen as divine guidance, and people believed that her words carried the wisdom of Apollo himself. The reputation of the Oracle spread far and wide, attracting visitors from all over the ancient world. Even renowned philosophers like Socrates and Plato sought her wisdom.


The process by which oracles receive their visions is commonly referred to as divination or prophecy. This medallion works to help you to tap into these abilities under the guidance of the Oracle at Delphi. As you wear this medallion your divine communication and clairvoyant abilities will be gradually enhanced. This medallion is designed and empowered with the energy of the Oracle at Delphi. Wearing this medallion will allow you to have clearer visions and enhanced prophecy, clairvoyance, discernment, and intuition. This medallion will also greatly enhance the effectiveness of the spells in the Oracle at Delphi e-book and Oxaldra tablet. 


NOTE: A bonus prophecy spell will be given to all preorders of this medallion. This spell will help to charge and enhance the power of your medallion. Offer available until Friday, June 30, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST.


Note: Actual medallion will be fully bronze colored.  


Price: $300

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Meira OraLee A. on Jul 21st 2023

    Wow! Just wow. Glory to the Creator, the Gods, and Goddesses. First and foremost thank you, Tybro Team/family for such fast shipping. Thank you to my Master Mother and Father for this amazing gift/medallion. To me, it's more than that as we know, truly grateful. I felt an instant connection, as I was following the blueprint and or formula that was given. When I work with it, there's a cooling of energy around my solar plexus, spinal and heart. It's so serene and feels amazing! In addition, with that, comes the messages and visions. I was also able to capture a beautiful starlight on my wall while working with it. It looks like a little sun. It was flickering, so I looked up to see it, so divine. Visions and energy are coming back to me, as these codes reveal themselves again to me when I closed my eyes. I saw the very codes (solar codes) while wearing the medallion. I say solar codes because that's what they told me. I was so humbled at that moment, It was extremely beautiful, knowing this was my connection to see even more, clearly. It's also like, I'm remembering more, again. Moreover, I remember this code. This energy is now a boost of energy in acceleration mode for me. This really touches my heart, to have all the amazing tools from you in my arsenal, I have my favorites! And they all cut the cake. However, this one is a huge slice! And I LOVE IT and it's all good! Thank YOU! Thank you for bringing this back, Master??❤️ Love, Meira

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    Posted by Stephanie S on Jun 6th 2023

    WhOA !!! Just looking at it my eyes twitched...I wish it came exactly like that. It's like a red mirror....if You know what I mean*

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