Protocol 68: Homo Novus - Webinar

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Protocol 68

Homo Novus


In the near future, mankind will look far different than we do now. We are being engineered by the creators of this domain to evolve and transform as our world becomes less hospitable. These changes and the coming changes for our planet are summarized in a plan called Protocol 68. As with all the other protocols, we are not made privy to the details…..until now. In Protocol 51, we learned that a new species of humans are incarnated into the world to help stabilize the sun and our environment in times of great need. This species is called Homo Solaris. Homo Novus is the next iteration of the more evolved nexus of human.


Homo Novus is what Homo Solaris evolves into.


In our newest webinar, we will discuss the creation of this new species, their relation to the sun and this domain, and their abilities relative to who we are now. Homo Novus are who we are destined to become, but there is much work to do. Join us for this one-time webinar event.


If you are registered and can't attend the live event, you will receive a cloud recording within 48 hours of the event. All attendees will receive the recording as well. 


Price: $99


Date: May 2nd, 2018 at 2:00-3:00 PM EST

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