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Rare Latin Magical Incantations Book


Incantations fall within the domain of the conscious aspect of the language mediated particle generating force. When we speak, our words collapse the potential forces of reality into things. Some of these creations are visible. Some of these creations are invisible. Over time, all of these creations are affected by emotion, thought, other creations, and a host of magical laws that will either sustain their reality or cause them to disappear altogether.


When we use magical incantations, we are in effect imposing very special forces upon the fabric of reality. Beyond the power  of speech of creation, magical incantations have the power to rewrite the code of this fabric. Remember, all realities are woven within the potential fabric of space. Most of these potential realities never see the light of day. Most of them die on the vine. Magical incantations give these unlikely new life realities and bring them into full view of the participant creator.


This book is a compilation of the most powerful Latin incantations that I have ever known.  These incantations, spells, and invocations were my introduction to the world of magic in this lifetime.  I share them with you, my followers, as a window into what has up to this point been a very private world.


The Chapters, Introduction, The Elemental Incantations, Invocations of the Holy Light, Invocations of the Light of the Holy Names of God, Rare Empowerment Invocations, Protective Incantations, Rare Latin Healing Invocations, Rare Latin Invocations of the Major Gods, Complex Latin Invocations.


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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    URGENT Buy book now!

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 15th 2020

    I work at a negative place and had thoughts of beating up rude guest. I started saying incantations and something either left me or my auric field. If your ok with thinking negative so is the entity and they stay on or in you. I wanted to be clear and I felt the energy leave my body and auric field after saying incantations and it works fast!

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    Crème de la Crème!

    Posted by Robert Payton on Apr 22nd 2020

    I Habitually use these Incantations everyday before every liquid I drink with every meal and everyday that I go outside and look to the Heavens above in the Sky into the Sun and Stars for True vision I use these Invocations. Priceless! I really gravitated and grew towards the elemental invocations and the Goddess Maat Incantation I Love them All. Thank you Father Djanthi! & Mother Maat! Priceless Gift of Magical Power and Growth!❤️✨ You need them to add to your own personal Magic and Power Codex