New Rare Latin Incantations: Invoking The Celestial Wealth Currents - E-Book

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                                                          Rare Latin Incantations                                                  
Invoking The Celestial Wealth Currents
Magic is the ability to communicate with the higher forces of creation. Humans have always sought to commune with the forces that created them. They have always wanted to rise above suffering, disease, pain, and the weaknesses of our existence, Humans have always known that reality is something more than what is seen. Magic allows us a way to get more out of life much more efficiently than you could with simple human effort. Ironically, any true understanding of magic begins with an understanding of electricity, a very deep understanding of electricity.
The celestial currents that are formed by electricity in the air are ancient in nature. They have been with us forever. These currents may be connected on the earth plane by etheric markers called ley lines.  any people believe that a grid of earth energies circles the globe, connecting important and sacred sites such as Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the Great Wall of China.
The Celestial Currents have been mapped out and are the ultimate source of magical power.  When you learn how to use them you learn the secret to becoming a magus. The magus rides the currents of power into the higher worlds and manifests whatever they require. Each of the currents has a particular function and type of wealth that it likes to manifest.  We will introduce you to the most powerful of these currents.  Each current has a particular function, a meditative posture that allows you to tap into it, and an incantation that will allow you to summon its power.  We have never before revealed all of this information for these most powerful currents. 
The ability to tap into a current is best used after an orgasm. It is not a necessity but the energy of orgasm elevates your magical incantation of currents many-fold.  Heed this advisory and you will see your magical work elevate tremendously.
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
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5 Reviews

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    For the Mystic Entreprenuer

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 16th 2022

    I loved the first volume of rare latin incantations and was excited to get the second installment version. Timing was everything. As im starting new business ventures and have always believed you can merge spirituality and business and have great success. I long to create business that feed the souls of my family employees while filling our pockets with abundance of money as well. We are taught wealth financial success is only reserved for a very few “special” people in this world. Additonally, we are taught business success requires cold hearted behaviour or nefarious intentions. I never accepted this and I didn’t know how to go about finding my success while going against the grain. I was utterly surprised to find that New Rare latin incantations wealth currents dealt exactly with this. A souce of power and support that will help me create and bring to fuition my dreams. There are amazing spells for business success from getting new ideas, finding high value materials (gold silver etc), to sellign real estate. Even more amazing there are spells to connect with the energy of some of history’s wealthiest people and powerful entreprenuers like Andrew Carnegie, Mansa Musa, and John Jacob Astor! Imagine having these minds and energies on your side on your endeavours. Imagine a whole spirtual world of power at your finger tips from primordial forces all around us to the world’s billionaires of the past all willing to help you achieve your success. They are just waiting for you! The time is now. A must have for any entreprenuer. New Rare Latin Incantations: Invoking the wealth currents, levels the playing field.

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    Posted by Munga Rainer on Nov 7th 2021

    As I ordered the book i was exited for i did not know for when i open the pages what i would see and learn, after just briefly going through the entire e-book i felt entirely electrified and such euphoria i can’t describe. Definitely a great deal ..

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    so far so good

    Posted by Davisson on Sep 18th 2020

    Something I need to explore more. However so far I've been able to connect with one of the Billionaires who gave me some interesting information.

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    Invoking the Celestial Wealth Currents- New Rare Latin Incantations .

    Posted by KIRUBAKARAN RAJAGOPAL on Aug 17th 2020

    Humanity is almost at a virtual threshold for a great breakthru in continued involution and dramatic evolution of it's Spiritual and Materialistic upliftment in the very now moment rather than in a hoary unrealistic future of a time indeed ! Such an unprecedented 'window' of a marvelous opening for the betterment of Mankind detrimented in sheer poverty or for an enhancement of just material abundance to a quantum jump to greater spiritual ascendency is now simply made available to the benevolent aspirants thru just another 'feat' by Tybro's Master ji Dr.Mitchel Gibson's Magnanimity via the Immortals !! Man and Mother Earth share the 'synonyms' of their Chakras intertwined thru Leylines, Earth Grids and Portals ever since they were created by the Almighty ! She (Mother Earth)nurtures her inhabitants thru her love and caresses by her natural currents ! That art of their interdependence has erstwhilsts been survived by only the Mystics and Masters of earth,all along since the begining of time and space. Now is the greatesr opportuned time meant for the mere laymen to master such currents to turn the tide into their favour and advantage ! Man just garner your strength and achieve your luck and goal to joyous immense heights of your wild dreams fulfilled ! Grab it !! God Bless !

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    Extra Special

    Posted by JEWEL B Allen on Aug 16th 2020

    An amazing magical book that gives instructions on how to tap into the energies of wealth that surrounds us. I feel the power of having this book. My intentions is to keep invoking the energies of these currents until I am fully tap in. Thank you Master for this extraordinary book.

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