Solaris: Drawing Sexual and Creative Energy from the Sun

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Drawing Sexual and

Creative Energy From The Sun


I began drawing energy down from the Sun in 1987.  I followed the instructions of my Father Thoth.  During this time, I used the energy from the Sun primarily to recharge myself and to fill my sexual batteries. I learned that sunlight could be stored inside the chakras like water in a vessel.  This energy could then be moved to different areas of the body in order to serve various purposes. I learned that sunlight could build a new vessel inside the human form.  I learned that sunlight could greatly enhance intelligence, creativity, and clairvoyant abilities. I learned to use these powers and as a result, my creative and spiritual powers grew. This is the secret to my ability to bring thousands of spiritual and artistic creations to the world.


Sexual energy is one of the most important and powerful energies in the universe.  We only use a fraction of this power during life. We actually use most of that during sleep. We primarily use it for having sex, procreation, and masturbation.  The rest of it goes to waste.  In Solaris, I will teach you how to draw down sexual and creative energy from the Sun, store it in your chakras and dantien, and move it to various areas of your body where it may be elevated to higher purposes. 


Once elevated, sexual energy may be used to help you create powerful magic, art, sexual experiences, light body forms, and other purposes that my Father Thoth has taught me.  Solar sexual energy is useful for more than sex, but we have not been taught this.  These uses are the real reason solar practices have been banned by the authorities. 


Take this opportunity to learn these hidden practices and truly evolve yourself. We have never released solar sexual practices before. Now is the time to learn them.


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5 Reviews

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    serious spiritual education very important

    Posted by Carolyn on Jun 3rd 2023

    thank you so so much for sharing

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    The Key to an Enlightened Body

    Posted by Taylor on Jul 8th 2020

    This book details all of the necessary tools and practices to charge the body, mind, and spirit through the power of the sun. This text alone has changed my whole perception on the deeper role of solar and sexual energy in our day to day lives, and has given me the tools to harness this power. This is a must read for all people on the path to enlightment and gowth in spirituality through harnessing the most incredible souce of power in our domain - the sun.

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    An absolute STEAL at $300

    Posted by Andrew Harris on Sep 24th 2018

    If you're a serious solar practitioner DO NOT hesitate to get this book. You'll thank yourself for years to come. The techniques given are incredibly valuable.

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    Know Thyself, In Fullness

    Posted by Michael Phoenix on Apr 24th 2017

    The most coherent articulation of sexual practices that involve an inner journey with your solar self. The transmutation of sexual energy only spoken of by others is brought to life in an elegant method of simple daily practices with you and the sun in this book.

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    Creativity at an ALL TIME HIGH!

    Posted by Shirl "Shiri Ji" Rhoades on Apr 13th 2017

    Since the very start of reading this book, I have had an increase in creativity and clarity of new ideas and how to execute them! My connection with the Sun somehow has amplified. The information about the Sun creates such an amazing and insightful platform from which to launch newness! I am in Love with this book...and very, very grateful. Thank you for this extraordinary work of Art!

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