Soul Enhancement & Empowerment - E-Book

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Soul Enhancement & Empowerment - E-Book 




Most of you are aware of the eclipse that occurred on April 8th, 2024. Those of you who have followed us for a long time should know by now the dangers of looking and participating in solar eclipse events. We have spent a great deal of time trying to give you all tools to protect yourselves from the dark energies that are tied to eclipses and the havoc that tends to follow these spiritually impactful events. Those of you who attended the recent master class titled The Eclipse Door are aware of the types of dangers that are to follow the most recent eclipse on April 8th and have received some information and tools to protect yourself. However, even if you did not attend you can benefit from this eBook which takes a different approach. 


Yes, it very important to protect yourselves with wards, shields, medallions, radiators, and Divine blessings. However, it is time for you to start building your power so that you are less vulnerable to the dangers of higher dark forces. With the right enhancement and empowerment, your energy become more and more difficult to penetrate and disrupt. You begin to transcend the negative energies that seek to harm you. This eBook is a step toward helping you become more powerful so that your reliance on protective tools isn't as great. Switching from a defensive to offensive mindset if you will. We possess the power to empower and protect ourselves. We must first fortify our souls. There are 10 spells with instructions within this eBook to do just that. 


Note: This eBook is offered for an Introductory Price for one week. Afterwards, it will go to its original price of $399.95. This offer ends on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 11:59 PM EST.


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3 Reviews

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    Soul Enhancement

    Posted by E.Aubert on May 4th 2024

    I my so grateful for the Soul enhancement & empowerment E-Book. The protection for the outer and Enter is so vital for our soul survival. We have the tools to face spiritual challenges. I am in awe; we can walk with authority realizing we do have power to change our situation with commitment and practice. I have begun to scan the pages for ten minutes. I have experience the light in the center of the vessels expanding. It is amazing. I am looking forward for more, more soul and spiritual growth. Thank you Master, forever Grateful.

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    You will feel the empowerment

    Posted by samuel bacote on May 3rd 2024

    I couldn't make the webinar but I knew Master would provide us with tools. Thank you to the Creator and Gods of light. If you do at least 5 minutes per speel , you feel a great difference. Now, you increase the to 20 or 1 hour, you might see the machines shift. That's the fun part. Now, do each day, add a medallions, and play the Divine Empowerment audio. Oh yes! Power. Now, release the doubts and feel the surge to your soul. The Creator and the Gods of Light have never left humanity without power to overcome darkness. But these machines are a serious upgrade. Tap in.

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    Soul Enhancement & Empowerment

    Posted by Nathan on Apr 25th 2024

    I used the product as instructed, and it worked perfectly. I darkened my room and shone a light on the pages while scanning. Then I closed my eyes and briefly shone a flashlight and continued to scan. About midway through, I felt a sensation in my abdomen that filled me with strength, energy, hope, and confidence. It was as if a level of assurance and power had filled me up like a balloon. I also felt a sensation in my mind. I bought this product because I trust Master Gibson and all of his associates. Although I am unaware of the implications of the April 8th eclipse, I must admit that the veil feels really thin since the atmosphere feels different. I will continue experimenting and exploring this product, combining it with other tools. Master Gibson, I thank you with gratitude.

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