The Chakra Cleansing and Empowerment

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The Chakra Cleansing and Empowerment


Chakras are energy centers located within the body. There are seven main chakras: Root Chakra (Muladhara), Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana), Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), Heart Chakra (Anahata), Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), Third-Eye Chakra (Ajna), Crown Chakra (Samsara or Sahasrara). Chakra openings can lead to wonderful enlightening experiences, however, chakra blockages can manifest in your body, both physically and emotionally. It is important to keep your chakras balanced and clear, so that your energy continues to flow properly.


Chakra cleansings help to keep your spiritual energy clear of dark and negative forces. Our Chakra Cleansing and Empowerment Series allow one to clear the chakras simply by playing the special sound within the recording. Use the series by playing the sound all night at a low volume. The sounds are specially coded so that they will gently cleanse the chakras of all negative energy. They will also empower and strengthen the energy of the chakras so that your spiritual work will not be impeded by these blocks.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


Price: $300

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2 Reviews

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    Keep those Chakra Cleaned

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 16th 2022

    A great tool at a great price. I use the Chakra cleansing every night. It’s great because its easy for me to sleep with when played low in the background. The first time I used it I actually had a tremendous sweat out, but my room was freezing (65 degree F). I guess the cleansing of energy manifested ina physical sweat. I remember waking up feeling like there was a big release of energy. I had an exceptional day of peace that morning. Nagging thoughts of worry about life were easy to manage and some things I was holding onto were released. The chakra cleansing is a great way for you to ensure you give yourself a shot at starting your days off right. Play it at nighttime and allow the cleansing and healing to happen while you sleep. This way when you arise you have gotten rid of heavy energies. I love how the chakra tones sound. In comparison to the harsher sounding tones of the more powerful Sigma Levels the chakra cleansing are easier on the ears. I used to fall asleep with the television in until I learned that when you do that your subconscious mind is still being communicated with and depending on what is playing on the TV you will need to be careful what messaging your programing yourself with during your vulnerable slumber. If you’re someone who likes white noise during sleep give the cleansing a shot. You will sleep well and cleanse your very important energy centers. I highly recommend the Chakra cleansing cycles.

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    Chakra Cleansing and Empowerment Audio

    Posted by Gavrielle on Jun 16th 2022

    The Chakra Cleansing and Empowerment audio is a powerful and necessary tool. This was recommended to me in my Magical Energy Body Report and I knew intuitively how important it would be in my growth and development. Within my report, it was clearly outlined which chakra specifically was experiencing the block. It was pretty surprising as it was the one area I felt shocked to receive a low score. I certainly knew this is something that needed to be addressed and released. The Chakra Cleansing and Empowerment audio has 5 parts and is to be played in a specific order. The instructions themselves were very interesting to read through. I played them every night on a low volume for a few months along with some other terrific Tybro audios. It’s very calming and I fall asleep to it rather quickly. I noticed I started to feel better and felt a weight lifted. However, after taking some time not playing my chakra cleansing – I feel a need to get back in the groove and reintroduce it to my routine. I have been feeling off balance and perhaps more anxious. I wasn’t feeling this when I was in the rhythm and consistently playing my audios, more specifically the Chakra Cleansing. Lastly, my report suggested I had higher etheric toxins than I would prefer. I knew exactly what was contributing to this and have removed those negativities from my life and aura. The Chakra Cleansing is the tool I needed to bring these levels down. Don’t shy away from cleansings or think it’s a bad thing if you need them. I’m pretty certain ANYONE and EVERYONE can and should benefit from this product. Gratitude to the Masters for this precious gift.

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