The 87th Book of Power Preventing Chaos and Procrastination - E-Book

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The 87th Book of Power Preventing Chaos and Procrastination


Preventing Chaos and Procrastination was written as the 87th book of power though which a normal mortal could eradicate the hold of stress and chaos on life.  This book is written in the forms of a series of progressively powerful spells that work on the conscious and subconscious mind.  The God Thoth worked with many ancient multidimensional races that shared advanced technology and magic. The Soris is an extremely advanced race from a distant dimension of space-time that once lived as humans do today. They learned to conquer the ravaging effects of their deep subconscious energies and used this advancement to move out into the higher realms. 

You may scan this book at your leisure. Each spell works automatically to cleanse you of the need to create chaos in your life and to procrastinate.  When you feel chaos forming around you, scan the spells and the energies forming the chaos will dissipate through the power of the God. There are a number of spells in this book. You will be drawn to some more than others.  Use them as you will and watch yourself evolve.


Each of the spells is equipped with special star based scripts that will change your programming with each use.  You will find it more and more difficult to procrastinate and to tolerate chaos in your life.  The change will happen quickly for some and more slowly for others, but it will occur.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson


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(33 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great Tool for Keeping Balance & Harmony!

    Posted by Ruben on Sep 29th 2018

    When a potentially negative situation arises, I can feel a peace that surrounds and protects me, not allowing the situation to escalate, which then dissipates to my delight, without any consequences! Thank you!

  • 5
    It really works!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 27th 2018

    I was in a situation that needed some fixing; this energy diffused the bad energy and brought peace. Thank you!

  • 5
    1st week

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2018

    I can feel the energy working with me

  • 5
    1st week

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2018

    I can feel the energy Good deed

  • 5
    Without a doubt!

    Posted by Marvin Vee on Apr 11th 2018

    It works. I don't know any other way to put it. My motivation soars. I'm less distracted, and it just seems to narrow my vision to what's most important at the time. Thank you, Master!

  • 5
    87th Book of Power

    Posted by Mary Hanns on Feb 13th 2018

    I do believe I feel it working

  • 5
    Necessary Tool

    Posted by Serendipity Melissa on Jan 15th 2018

    This is a lifetime tool. I use whenever I can especially to start my day to scan to help me keep focus. It seems to work. No complaints. Some scripts will resonant more than others - that's ok. I usually scan all of them and then go back and hover over those that seem to "call" me

  • 5
    Tybro Products are phenomenol

    Posted by R.N. on Jan 7th 2018

    Ever since I discovered the tools that Tybro offers, it feels like the dawning of a new era for me. I felt so drawn to these products and this book is no exception. It is awe-inspiring to just hold the book and view the figures within. I can sense the energy subtly while scanning these pages. It feels like some fundamental shift is taking place on a deep level. So excited to keep progressing with more Tybro creations!

  • 5
    it works

    Posted by i it get done now on Dec 27th 2017

    i just get it done now, art work that's been sitting around for a year, is being finish now. now using the steps to walk up and down in my building, and doing push up, sit up, that i kept putting off, did the miracle prayer and fast for 2 day.