The 87th Book of Power Preventing Chaos and Procrastination - E-Book

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The 87th Book of Power Preventing Chaos and Procrastination


Preventing Chaos and Procrastination was written as the 87th book of power though which a normal mortal could eradicate the hold of stress and chaos on life.  This book is written in the forms of a series of progressively powerful spells that work on the conscious and subconscious mind.  The God Thoth worked with many ancient multidimensional races that shared advanced technology and magic. The Soris is an extremely advanced race from a distant dimension of space-time that once lived as humans do today. They learned to conquer the ravaging effects of their deep subconscious energies and used this advancement to move out into the higher realms. 

You may scan this book at your leisure. Each spell works automatically to cleanse you of the need to create chaos in your life and to procrastinate.  When you feel chaos forming around you, scan the spells and the energies forming the chaos will dissipate through the power of the God. There are a number of spells in this book. You will be drawn to some more than others.  Use them as you will and watch yourself evolve.


Each of the spells is equipped with special star based scripts that will change your programming with each use.  You will find it more and more difficult to procrastinate and to tolerate chaos in your life.  The change will happen quickly for some and more slowly for others, but it will occur.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson


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40 Reviews

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    Same Results As Everyone Else - Really Works

    Posted by David Teng on Oct 13th 2023

    I've seen my productivity increase probably 80%. I'm almost fully optimized. Not fully. I'm not sure if I want to be fully optimized. Scan for 10-15 minutes a day and get almost twice the things done each day. This is truly a blessing.

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    I am glad I found Dr Gibson

    Posted by Sairah on May 13th 2023

    where do I start? before I found Dr Gibson, I studied hard for spirituality and invested a lot money on courses, seminar, some have promised amazing results, some worked, some didn't, but I have never experienced anything like Dr Gibson's products, I can feel things are getting better and better, I am so blown away by the results. But be aware that like Dr Gibson said in one of his teachings, you needed to work on your Karma first, otherwise, no matter how amazing the products are, they might not work as effective, and I feel Dr Gibson's products came to me at exact time when I have worked on myself enough to remove a lot of negativity and judgements.

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    Focused and motivated

    Posted by Ryan Rhodes on Feb 19th 2023

    Great tool to use on the daily. I've implemented this in my daily and I can honestly say it's been working for me. I feel more focused and motivated to get work done. I wish more people in the world would allow themselves to utilize the tools from TYBRO. Thank you Masters for yet another amazing product. The information given is really helping me evolve at rapid speed.

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    Clears for self and others

    Posted by Inanna Ved on Oct 19th 2022

    Thank you Master & Acharya. I noticed that when I utilize the chaos and procrastination book, it helps not only me but my classmates as well. I’m in a wonderful course and I’m so grateful that I can enjoy it. The work helps resolve that which is not understood or ignored. I am thankful for the materials and the ease provided in helping me to heal and practice in truth.

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    Helped me earn 100% on my academic assignments.

    Posted by Erica Bey on Aug 31st 2022

    I had a lot of clutter and distracting thought forms on top of an existing propensity to procrastinate. I was struggling to focus, study and retain information. This helps me to clear stagnation, increase self confidence and orient my mind for learning. Thank you!

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    87th Book of Thoth

    Posted by Norton Muto on Aug 12th 2022

    This one here is effective and worked fairly quickly for me. Very grateful for this one as procrastination was something I struggled with alot throughout my life. Thank you Master!

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    Must Have Treasure

    Posted by Clifford Mehtab Akal Singh Lindor on Jan 4th 2022

    An absolute favorite of mine. My mind at first questioned however ive alwaysed trusted intuition. As a Taurus that often struggles with being lazy or procrastinating till the very last minute this tool has truly helped reshape. that for me. As the old narrative slips away this tool is helping me embrace a new better version of me even if it seems different and sscary at first. I find that whenever I feel anxious this helps soothe the mind and then the day seems to unfold more aware and intune. I recently did a 40day sadhana with this and een when old me wwouldve complaind of being tired and every excuse in the book i still found myself being slick and actually being prodcutive. Thank you for yet another gem to add to my spiritual treasure chest.

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    Posted by Vanessa Fernander on May 4th 2021

    This PRODUCT literally plants it’s foot all the way up your AXX and steers you to get everything done. !!!DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT NEAR YOU BEDTIME WARNING!!! I connected with this product same day I parsed it twice my third eye was set ablaze I could not stop working or moving around. I use this product right before a task or if I’m going out My heart accelerates just enough like a workout. I will use this until I’m no longer here I love these products.

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    97th Book Of Power

    Posted by shalana on Oct 4th 2020

    Extremely powerful, I can feel a shift in my thinking in just two days. I highly recommend purchasing. Thank you so much for allowing us to experience the power.

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    87th Book of Thoth

    Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Sep 13th 2020

    I gifted this to a friend because it had such a powerful impact on my life. Suddenly it was easier to do things I had resisted doing, probably because they would make my life better. I noticed a shift after a few days, a week at the most. For anyone who is looking to make life better, this product is incredible and a real gem, as the price is amazing. Thank you, Masters, for always trying to make our lives better, and making the practices simple to do!

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