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The 75th Book of Thoth - The Initiation of The Book of Gates - E-Book

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The 75th Book of Thoth

The Initiation of The Book of Gates


The Book of Gates is a unique spiritual tool designed by the God Thoth. It was first introduced to the Pharaohs and Magi of ancient Egypt.  In their time, this tool was used to prepare the living and the dead for their sojourn into the after world.  During life, we visit various realms in the celestial, astral, and higher worlds as part of our visionary and sleep travels.  We seldom remember these travels.  As we progress through life, the various gates of the mind open to the dimensions and worlds that we resonate with best. 


Our choices and decisions in life prepare us for the next life.  There are literally thousands of gates within the mind that connect to thousands of different worlds.  During our living waking state, we ignore the potential of these gates.  There are health gates that connect to worlds that glow with healing energy.  There are wealth gates that connect to worlds that flow with abundant wealth energy. There are rejuvenating worlds that flow with energy that rejuvenating power and energy.  These are just a few of the worlds that we are all connected to.  There are also worlds with dark and negative force that we can tap.  Some people consciously and unconsciously tap into various worlds that their earthly bodies resonate with best. 


The Book of Gates was designed by The God Thoth to help humans choose more wisely from the plethora of worlds and energies that we are connected to. We emanate from worlds that give birth to the body. We live in worlds that the mind and soul draw power from during life on earth.  After this life, we go back to the worlds that we emanate from.  Our dreams are the best guide to the worlds that we are connected to. If you do not remember your dreams, it is a sign that your soul is connecting you from recalling your life on worlds that are not desirable.  In this case, a soul would benefit from elevating through the use of various tools.


When you look at the gated tools in Book of Gates, your soul will understand the codes and guide your consciousness the various worlds that are outlined in the gates provided.  Simply looking at the coded gate addresses will give your consciousness saccess to very desirable worlds that it needs to evolve. Soul evolution is more than reading books, meditating, and eating right.  It involves a coordinated practice of placing your consciousness in higher and higher worlds that ultimately raise it to the point that it can no longer incarnate on the lower worlds.  Most people never cultivate a relationship with the higher worlds.  The Book of Gates gives you a chance to do so.


In order for a human to evolve in consciousness, you must overcome your connection to the nine worlds. These worlds are home to the gods, giants, elves, and human dead.  One cannot advance into the celestial and divine worlds unless you disconnect yourself from these worlds of creation. We all have connections to these worlds whether we are aware of them or not.  Seeing these connection, we can learn from them, evolve beyond our need for them, and eventually sever the connection completely.


There are three gates for each of these worlds.  When you look at the gate and repeat the word of passage, your soul will traverse into the world consciously and teach you the lessons you must learn there. This is a learning process that some humans would rather avoid.  It is the main reason that we come into the world. 


If you choose to complete the learning process while you are living and conscious (not dreaming), you will have chosen to pass a very important initiation that the gods look favorably upon.  This choice lightens the load of the soul and allows it to pass more easily into the higher worlds without the need for reincarnation and suffering. 


The gates are a test.  Your dreams will change.  Your thoughts will change. Your mind will change.  Ultimately, you will evolve and live a better life because you will have chosen to test yourself and remove the darkness and false light from your soul that holds your heart back from true progression. These worlds are described in many cultures.


The Book of Gates has been lost for thousands of years from this world. We now bring it back for the use of all who are ready.  When you use this book, it will help you evolve and grow into a higher, more evolved being.  Prepare to grow and evolve.



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10 Reviews

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    ineresting experience

    Posted by Alessio Nikolli on Nov 21st 2023

    I do the practices of this book before i go to sleep, they are quick and easy but extremely useful, i found myself being tested in real life after using this book, it was like the book was testing me in various fields of life. This book also takes me to certain specific places in the dream realm, some good some bad, for example in one dream i found myself in the sky standing on clouds, all i could see were the sky and the clouds, after looking around for a bit, i realized that there was one big cloud that had the shape of a ship. On another dream after entering some of the gates, i was in a lower world walking around a desert, this place was so dirty and smelly, that i had to take out my phone to film it because i thought that people wouldnt believe me, then at a certain point i found some people enter a giant armored tank. I recommend this book because its so easy and quick and the rewards are immense

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    Opens gateways to new beginnings

    Posted by Ajay Taparia on Sep 8th 2022

    So here is a story to give you an idea the power of this inexpensive text. All my life i was poor at drawing (arts). I used to bug my sister to draw my assignments all of my childhood. Within a week of using one of the gates for creativity i started to sketch and started truly enjoying the new hobby. This new hobby has bought so many happy changes in my life. There are many other gates and each of them have powerful effects. If you want to open doors ("gates") in your life, this is text to work with

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    Daily Use or One Time Use?

    Posted by Norton Muto on Jul 23rd 2022

    I am wondering if this book is to be used consistently or do I only need to use it once?

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    Posted by Norton Muto on Jul 22nd 2022

    I completed it. I felt pressure in my head and my forehead during the process.

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    75th book

    Posted by don bryant on Jul 17th 2022

    This book is one of the greatest gifts o the site. very affordable and maximum helpful!!!!! Simply meditate thru the gates as directed and sit back and feel the curtain lift!! Peace, love, light, calm, and enjoyment!!!! Its all there for everyone....kudos to Dr Mitchell, thank you so kindly!!!!

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    Posted by Unknown on Sep 28th 2018


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    Something is going on.

    Posted by Marvin Vee on Jan 26th 2018

    I haven't used this one much, but I'm entering the gates one by one. I can definitely feel something happening. Beautiful work as the rest. Try it out for yourself! If you're here, it's time to evolve. This is a good step in that direction.

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    A Brilliant Spiritual Work

    Posted by Adire Leigh Ann Phillips on Aug 13th 2017

    Though other piece have used "masterpiece" to describe one of Master Gibson's latest works, the 75th Book of Thoth is truly a game changer. My dreams and daily waking life have shifted since scanning this amazing spiritual tool. Master, thank you so so much for sharing your gifts with the world. Your wisdom and love, I know, are transforming this reality.

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    Simply Amazing!

    Posted by Aveen on Jul 10th 2017

    This product consistently creates one of the most amazing experiences I have had while using a Tybro product. It creates physical and emotional sensations that rise and fall away- in real time. It is a fairly short practice and I feel much lighter after using it. Thank you Master Gibson!

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    Posted by Unknown on Jul 5th 2017

    The first day I scan it,I could feel something powerful happening

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