The Anubis Ring of Consciousness

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The Anubis Ring of Consciousness 


When I meditate, I go into different realities of self. One of these realities is the god Anubis. When Thoth visits the underworld, he becomes Anubis. Thoth operates in the world outside of the underworld as he lord of light, understanding, and wisdom. Anubis rules over the underworld and the entities that visit the underworld. Ruling over the afterlife is his power domain. In meditation, I speak to both of these aspects of myself in both domains. Anubis and Thoth both understand the Daemonium, what it does, and what its power is. In talking with both I am given constant information about what these parts of ourselves do and what they have power over. Lord Anubis is the main source of this information. Lord Thoth as the counterpart of Anubis in the outerworld is the source of information about the Daemonium. We now offer the opportunity to connect directly to the source. 


Hiding from the Daemonium, ignoring it…does not make it go away. Understanding it, gives you the power to overcome it everyday. With every choice.


The Anubis Consciousness Ring will allow you to connect with the part of your consciousness that holds innate power over and understanding of the Daemonium. Connecting with the power of Anubis will allow you to see hidden aspects of yourself and help your consciousness expand to overcome lower aspects.


This ring is custom ordered. Please place your ring size in the order notes. 

We currently have one size 9 ring in stock. 


Price: $1500 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review