Attunements to Higher Consciousness

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Attunement To Higher Consciousness Package


The main focus of our spiritual work at Tybro is the evolution of Consciousness.  Each of us in this world is a combination of beings.  We are astral beings.  In this form, we sleep, dream, and ultimately transition out of this world. Astral consciousness is one of the most dominant forms of consciousness on this world.  The next most dominant form of consciousness is physical. 

We perceive both astral and physical consciousness with our five senses.  We see, hear, touch, taste, and smell with senses that convey information about the world to the mind.  We rely on these senses for all of our information about the physical world.  However, if an angel stood right next to you, you would never know it.  The astral and physical senses can't tell you jack about the higher world.  As a matter of fact, they attempt to convince you, through the aegis of the ego, that anything higher than the dream/physical matrix of worlds has no existence at all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Physics tells us that there are at least eleven total dimensions of reality that make up our universe.  Physics also tells us that these dimensions are all around us, and that our senses are not able to pick up the information streaming into our brains from these worlds.  

Mystics have told us that the world that we accept as physical is only the icing on a very, very, big cake.  Now, physics and mysticism agree on this point.  Quantum physics even goes one step further.  Quantum physics tells us that in order for our reality to exist, consciousness must continually tune into and create every pixel of every scene that we experience.  In other words, nothing exists until consciousness decides that it does. This is where things get really interesting.  If consciousness creates our reality, why does it limit us to only astral and physical senses?

Some people have the innate ability to see the higher worlds and commune with beings who have higher consciousness.  This communication is easy for them.  For most people however, this does not happen.

The Attunement to Higher Consciousness CD Package is a new solution to this age old problem.  The Attunements consist of thirteen very specially crafted sounds.  Each of these sounds work together over time to gently pull away the layers of darkness that prevent us from perceiving and enjoying the higher levels of consciousness.  These sounds have never been heard on this world before.  

My spiritual Father, Djanthi/Thoth, invited me into one of his sound laboratories while we were talking one day.  He showed me a series of instruments capable of creating very advanced sound waves.  The waves had a very pronounced effect on my consciousness.  As he played each sound for me, I began to see things in his world and around him that I have never seen before.  I could see his wings.  He was several feet taller.  The lab was bigger and extended several hundred yards in all directions.  There was also a glow and a smell that I had never seen.  I saw a glow around him that pulsated with life and energy.  In short, I felt more alive and aware under the influence of these sounds than I have ever felt in my life. 

He kindly spent a great deal of time showing me the science behind the sounds.  Each of the sounds allows for a gradual peeling away of the blocks to the perception of higher consciousness.  Let me explain the science behind the sound as best I can.

Several terms are important in understanding these attunements.


Base Frequencies

Spin Rate

Dual Mode

Frequency Mix Percentage

Scalar Sound Waves

Local Star Sounds


Base Frequencies:  each of the sounds is composed of a series of basic frequencies.  These frequencies are mixed together in a special series of combinations that have never been heard before on this world.  These combinations allow for the unleashing of dormant DNA material that will allow the gradual unfolding of the attunement to higher consciousness.

Spin Rate:  sound waves spin and each of the sounds that are part of the attunement package spin in a certain frequency direction. This special spin is a crucial property of the attunement.  It allows the brain to latch on to the sound and process it in a way that prevents fatigue and lack of focus.

Dual Mode: the sounds are presented as paired entities.  You are not just hearing one tone, you are hearing a minimum of six different tones blended together at slightly different tonal frequencies.  The differences cause the sound to waver and flow in a pleasing manner. As the sounds increase in complexity, you may hear as many as 10-15 different tones blended together in dual mode.

Frequency Mix Percentage:  there is a specific mixture of each of the component frequencies in dual mode.  These mixtures allow for the basic heightening of consciousness.  As one gradually attunes to each sound, the ability to sense reality at the higher levels of consciousness emerges.

Scalar Sound Waves:  A Scalar Wave is a multi-dimensional standing wave pattern that emanates out of a fixed point of sound -tonal vibration - within the Morphogenetic Field (MF) of the Cosmic Unified Field of Energy.


Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light that are strung together in sequences, within the fabric of the cosmic morphogenetic field.

The appearance of the Scalar Wave movement is generated as sequences of scalar wave points are activated or "lighted" in synchronization with each other (an effect that can compare to progressively flashing a series of bulbs, strung out in a line off and on, one at the time, flashing the first bulb off as the second lights, etc, whereby it appears that the light has moved from one point in the line to another) Scalar Waves are forms of Consciousness. Each wave is a standing packet of specific quantities of Consciousness. In other words, as you listen to specifically programmed scalar waves, various regions of here-to-fore closed levels of Consciousness are gradually nudged into open awareness.  Scalar sound waves act like a light being turned on in a dark room.  This light helps to awaken the sleeping areas of the mind as the attunement progresses.  Attunements 9-13 are programmed with scalar sound waves.

Local Star Sounds: There are more stars in our reality than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world.  All of these stars create waves of sound that affect our consciousness.  The first attunement is composed of a series of special sounds from the local star clusters near our world.  These sounds help us tune in to the relevant energy from the most powerful stars in our reality. 

There are 13 different attunement sounds in the attunement package.  The sounds should be used in order, starting with attunement one, for one week before moving to the next highest sound.  Each of the sounds has a specific name and function.


Attunement One:  Precsium

This attunement allows the energy of the local star systems to guide the opening of human consciousness beyond three dimensional space.

Local star sounds from Rigel One, Alpha Centauri A, and B

White Dwarf Star

Advised length of use:  once daily for one week


Attunement Two:  Sorisicum

This attunement begins the opening of consciousness to the fourth dimensional worlds around our planet.  After using this attunement for one week, your dreams will change.

Base frequencies: 111-115hz, 1.5-2.5hz, 3.5-4.0hz

Spin Rate: 25hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for one week to two weeks


Attunement Three: Parisecum

This attunement completes the opening of consciousness to the fourth dimensional worlds around our planet.  This attunement allows for a wider perception of delta and gamma brain wave activity. Angelic elements of consciousness will gradually come into perception as you use this attunement. 

Base frequencies: 200-205hz, 2.0-3.0hz, 4.5-5.0hz

Spin Rate: 35hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for two weeks


Attunement Four: Scharum

This attunement allows the beginning of the process of opening awareness into the Celestial Worlds.  This is a very important attunement and should not be completed out of turn.  Attunements, one, two, and three should be completed prior to attempting this one.  The spin rate and frequency of energy on Scharum is significantly higher than the lower attunements.  This attunement begins a three step process of opening human awareness to the Higher Celestial Levels of Consciousness.

Base frequencies: 350-354hz, 4.0-5.0hz, 6.0-6.5hz

Spin Rate: 40hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: twice daily for one week


Attunement Five: Paolisecum-noba-senitisum

This attunement is as much an invocation of higher consciousness as it is a discrete set of frequencies. Even though this attunement does not yet involve scalar sound waves, its effect is designed to open up the higher mind to the awareness of lower consciousness.  As such, it continues the process of opening awareness into the Celestial Worlds.

Base frequencies: 495-500hz, 6.0-7.25hz, 8.0-9.25hz

Spin Rate: 40hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for one week


 Attunement Six: Secumorisum

This attunement completes the attunement of the lower mind into the Celestial World.  After completion of this attunement, the mind will more easily accept sights, sounds, tastes, and smells, from the Celestial Worlds in both the physical form and the dream state.  Also, after one transitions, the realities of the Higher Celestial Worlds will be easier to absorb and process.  One of the reasons that we cannot migrate to the higher worlds is our inability to perceive the higher energies.

Base frequencies: 602.36-610.196hz, 8-9.25hz, 9.0-10.25

Spin Rate: 45hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: once daily for five days


Attunement Seven: Feriesum

This attunement begins the process of allowing one to perceive the energies of the Primordial Worlds.  After the completion of the Celestial World attunements, one will be ready to perceive the next level of reality.  The Primordial Worlds are the first created worlds in our reality. They are the Worlds of the Higher Gods and Angels.  Perceiving this reality comes in stages.  Attunements 7-10 help one begin and further this process.

Base frequencies: 804.236-914.997hz, 9.0-10.25hz, 12.0-14.25hz

Spin Rate: 45hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Frequency Mix adjustment to 39%  (all prior attunements at 50%)

Advised length of use: once daily for one week


Attunement Eight: Pcharum

This attunement continues the process of allowing one to perceive the energies of the Primordial Worlds.  Pcharum is special in that the spin rate is increased to 50 for the first time.  Also, the base frequencies rise above the 1000hz range for the first time. 

Base frequencies: 1698.85-1842.91hz, 33-33.25hz, 36-38.19hz

Spin Rate: 50hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Advised length of use: one daily for one week


Attunement Nine: Florisum

This attunement continues the process of allowing one to perceive the energies of the Primordial Worlds.  Florisum allows sight and hearing in the Primrodial World while still emobodied in the physical.

Base frequencies: 1976.38- 1988.62hz, 44-46.38hz, 46-49.62

Spin Rate: 35hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Scalar waves activated

Frequency Mix adjusted to intervals of 37%, 50%, 72%

Advised length of use: twice daily for two weeks



Attunement Ten: Pashorishitum

This attunement allows for projection of physical consciousness into the Primordial World. In this way, one may feel the body present on a Primordial Planet.

Base frequencies: 5234-5250hz, 80-82hz, 88-90hz

Spin Rate: 40hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Scalar waves activated

Frequency Mix adjusted to intervals of 10%, 25%, 50%, 90%

Advised length of use: once daily for one month


Attunement Eleven: Orisum-banto(semis)

This attunement allows the development of full awareness and movement in one's Primordial Higher Form.  The Primordial Body is the first form we inhabit after developing consciousness outside of the Spirit.  This attunement allows one to see and experience the Primordial Body.

Base frequencies: 10560-10600hz, 200-220hz, 110-120hz

Spin Rate: 45hz

Dual Mode

Positive Spin

Frequency Mix adjusted to intervals of 5%- 8%, 12%, 40%, 85%,

Advised length of use: once daily for two weeks


Attunement Twelve: Onyichium

This attunement allows one to tune into the aspect of Self that is Source.  Each of us has a presence in the Source.  This presence creates our arms and legs, body, mind and soul.  Our Divine Parents utilize the presence to coordinate our very existence.  As such, we are totally unaware of this aspect of Self.  It is our purest and Highest Creative Energy.  Onyichium allows us to consciously commune with and experience this level of Self.

My Father asked me not to reveal the frequencies and rates associated with attunements twelve and thirteen. I honor his request and further state that they are so complex that any explanation would be futile at best.

After using attunements 1-11, one may use twelve and thirteen at will.  At this point, Consciousness has been attunement to the point where one no longer needs advised guidance.


Attunement Thirteen: The Primordia

To understand The Primordia, we must talk physics for a bit. 


Before our reality was created, Our Creator formed the Intent to create our universe.  This Intent was followed by a Decision which impelled a small particle of reality to manifest.  This particle of reality caused what we now know as the Big Bang.  However, before the Big Bang, the Intent to form reality was called forth into being.  This Intent caused the Creation of a sound we now know as The Primordia.  The Primordia is the first sound ever created.  Through its power, a small particle of reality sprang forth and formed our reality.

The Primordia is the sound energy that causes divine power to spring forth in all of us.  It is the sound that creates the spark. Proper use of The Primordia enables one to draw energy and power directly from sound.  It may over time mitigate the need for food, water, and air.  Use your now Attuned Consciousness to determine how to best utilize The Primordia. 

The Attunement to Higher Consciousness Package will not be sold as individual CDs.  The packet will be provided in a special USB drive that will be mailed to the user.  The sounds are over 1GB in length and as such would make for a monstrous download, not to mention a huge drain on our servers.

We ask that each user respect the time, energy, and focus of meditation that went into the creation of this package.  As such, we ask that you not distribute or share these works with others.  They are for your own personal use.


Thank you for your support.


Mitchell and Kathy Gibson


Price: $300.00


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19 Reviews

  • 5

    Higher Consciousness

    Posted by David Hamilton on May 14th 2024

    Next Level Spirituality expect greatness

  • 5


    Posted by WM on Mar 6th 2024

    One day while I was allowing myself to worry and stress over a situation, the frequency sound of attunement one came roaring into both of my ears lasting for over a minute and it continued to show up on and off for two days and my higher self-activated and lead me to a book by Dale Carnegie called "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living". Thank you for the wonderful tools!

  • 5

    I saw something you wouldn't believe......

    Posted by Robbie Wilson on Jun 15th 2023

    I listened to the attunements, and many things have happened. For example, I had a vivid dream that I was in a hotel checking in and I could still hear the attunement in my dream. One of the most beautiful things happened on my way to work. When I was driving to Bavaria, Germany in the early morning, and it was somewhat still snowing with the sun out. Before I could reach the tunnel, I saw what looked like a KINGDOM sitting in the clouds. It was as if the sun was revealing a different world to me. My heart dropped, and I slowed my car to see if I was hallucinating. Now, I have lived here for years, and I have NEVER seen that before in my life, let alone in this area. As I passed through the tunnel, the kingdom vanished and returned to trees. No, I was not drunk, I was not on psychedelics, and I had a good amount of sleep the night before. This attunement allowed me to see this kingdom, and this is confirmation that there are worlds that are hidden from us in plain sight. Please get this, you will see things that you thought only existed in a Netflix or a Hollywood movie. Master Gibson, thank you!

  • 5

    Experienced Many Breakthroughs!

    Posted by R. Coates on Feb 24th 2023

    My intention was to wait until after I completed all of the attunement to submit a review. However, I experienced so many breakthroughs that I felt the need to share my review now. I started this attunement package a couple months ago. As I advanced through each attunement track I started to notice my thought patterns changing. I definitely broke through some karmic loops and I am able to easily recognize lower thoughts and take action to suppress them. My prayer time experience has changed. I feel more uplifted while praying and after completing my daily prayers. My creative side has reemerged, and I am enjoying the moments of creative thought and expression. I am currently wrapping up attunement 10. And I am very excited about starting attunement 11. This attunement package has allowed me to clear/dissolve blockages in many ways. I highly recommend this attunement! Much thanks and gratitude to the Masters for this gem!

  • 5

    Attunement to Higher Consciousness

    Posted by Eric Atkins on Oct 17th 2022

    I've had this Attunement for almost 2 years now, and I've experienced wonderful growth and elevation of my consciousness. The 1st time did this attunement, I encountered a being that looked to be 30 to 40 foot tall sitting in the Lotus position. He had symbols twirling all around him that at the time I couldn't make out. Now I'm at it for a 2nd time and I can still see this being in my psyche, awaiting my return... Very powerful attunement indeed.

  • 5

    This product has helped me expand my consciousness. Thank you master! I am excited to keep expanding and growing.

    Posted by Lotus N. on Aug 13th 2022

    Thank you !

  • 5

    Attunements to Higher Consciousness Review

    Posted by Gavrielle on Jun 16th 2022

    The Attunements to Higher Consciousness is an audio that I highly recommend for everyone. I am currently on the 9th Attunement so far. I should have better documented my experience throughout, although there are some specific moments that I 100% attribute to using this tool. I believe I was on the 4th attunement and I’m walking through the grocery aisle. No one is around me and I want to say I’m near the cereal. Out of no where, I can SMELL my grandmother sooo distinctly. It has been many years since her passing and her scent was unmistakable. I was so happy to know she was with me in that moment. The attunements allow you to elevate and hear, smell, feel at a different vibration. The audios are very calming to me and I look forward to playing them daily (some twice a day depending which attunement I’m on). Even after I finish the complete cycle, I know that I will start back and repeat it from Attunement One. Another aspect that has changed is my dreams. I dream deeper and more lucid and have been able to retain sooo much. I have been able to use the Ana Bekoach in the dream state when I needed it for protection. I also have had the Masters visit me many times and ask for my help while working with the Attunements. Lastly, I have been able to capture many more orbs on camera and video recordings and believe this tool has helped exponentially in tapping in.

  • 5

    Good Vibrations

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 16th 2022

    I am currently on the 10th attunement. Its been about 3 or 4 months and I still have a few weeks to go. The higher conciousness attunements has tremendous value. Only $300?! It will require a few months out of your life to complete the cycle but, you will be rewarded with a lifetime (perhaps a few lifetimes) of growth and spiritual development. I love how Tybro provides the most descriptive product details. Its unheard of in modern society to really understand the products you buy. You always feel like there is a unfavorable surprise after you by a product or service. Not with Tybro and especially with these attunements the attunement descriptions gives you a thorough break down of each audio file and what the product it will do for you. You can refer back to their product descriptions it anytime. The benefits are nothing short of supernatural. Your awareness will be hieghtend on so many levels. I hear much more in my enviornment. My meditations have improved greatly. My overall intelligence has improved. My dream quality, lucidity and recall has shot through the roof. I look forward to realizing all the benefits once I finish the cycle and I plan to do another cycle. And once each year thereafter. I recommend this product to help you raise your concicousness. This level of intelligence is beyond formal education, way beyond intellectuallism. The audio files are a series of tones that you playtones you have never heard before and are not found on any youtube channel. These tones are extremely advanced. I recommend to the advanced practicioner, the new, the skeptic, and all humans period. a great tool to have in your kit.

  • 5

    Great product

    Posted by Kevin Hunt on Jul 17th 2021

    My dreams changed the 1st week using this product. Worth the money. Good job master gibson.

  • 5


    Posted by Crystal harris on Jun 18th 2021

    I have not done the full program yet, and have not been consistent- but I don't mind starting back at Attunement One whatsoever! So these Attunements are unique and like nothing I've experienced before. Each time you listen to an Attunement, you get different results each time! So it feels new every time you play one. I have a feeling that these frequencies actually do way more than what Dr Gibson and his wife could detail in the program's explanation. I am listening to Higher Consciousness Attunement One right now and literally just had deja vu writing this lol. I can feel the frequencies in both hemispheres of my brain and feel the resonance the frequencies have on certain chakras, spine, and muscle. I have activated my Light Body from Kundalini and the energy from Kundalini harmonizes with these Attunement frequencies. So what I like to do as I'm listening, is ask Higher Powers, my Higher Self to please release energy and Consciousness restrictions. I also own a Rife machine and I compare some of the effects of this program to healing Rife frequencies. It seems to have a detoxing and healing affect. The electromagnetic bodies we have, need this type of healing. It feels like nourishment for the soul. I highly recommend this program. I have had better clairvoyance and more amrita, plus it feels cleansing and removes a BUNCH of energy blocks. I make sure to stay hydrated and drink lemon water afterwards and ground myself to adjust to the new energies. Feeling my neural pathways being electrically pulsed by these sound frequencies, which produces massive changes. For example, you might have the motivation and desire to do things you normally wouldn't lol! Like take a different path to the grocery store, feed some wild birds, notice how beautiful sunsets are, lose fears that were irrational, have a centered and balanced inner well-being, not respond to ignorance, colors seem brighter and more vivid, chakra enlargement, and it's like food for a growing Light Body. You can feel these sounds! In the brain and body! Not even binaural beats alone do not this. That's what makes this program so unique. Plus in a way, it feels ALIVE! Because the sounds always harmonize where you are at, energetically . So it only gets better and better.

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