Archangel Barakiel

The Barakiel Wealth Generator 10 x 14

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The Barakiel Wealth Generator is one of our bestselling items. The Archangel Barakiel is one of the most powerful entities in our world. He is responsible for generating and maintaining all the fortunes on this planet.

The Barakiel Wealth Generator radiates energy that helps to maintain and enlarge the sphere and power of the wealth that is due to the user. The energy enlarges and expands the Prima portion of the soul so that all the resources, wealth and material energies that the owner needs may find their way into his/her lives more easily.

The generator is simply placed on the wall and the energy of the device will do the rest. A 10 by 14 generator will cover over 2000 square feet of space with the energy of The Archangel Barakiel.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson

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3 Reviews

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    Barakiel the bestower

    Posted by nathan dixon on Jun 15th 2022

    THE BARAKIEL WEALTH GENERATOR has been a boon to my Offerings and altar set up I have for my daily spiritual practices. My Spirit guides really like this product I verified with the use of my pendalum, Barakiel really has helped me in my finances in a way that has allowed me to be more grateful in my everyday life. Not only have I benefited tremendously from this generous being, but my ancestors have also been receiving the gifts and bountiful plethora of wealth from Barakiel. This products works so well with my other tools of light such as the Elysium and my other tablets. Using this product and my other modalities of light I have been able to create a stream of wealth. this product has made my Altar more productive in the quality of energy I am able to give to my ancestors and myself when I need a dose of positive energy. My relationships with the other angels has also expanded when called using Enochian. This is a advanced product because this energy can be used in ways only limited by the mind. This power can be directed in certain areas I have noticed. I have had great success in manipulating the energy coming of this radiator with the use of latin and other tools provided by the Masters such as the emerald tablet psychonic device. Finally, I also notice other areas of my life improving such as relationships, studies, meditational exploration, and accumulation of knowledge. Wealth comes in many different forms. My Relationship with my divine parents has increased because Barakiel also helps with the offering to the deities who knew? Overall I really am grateful to be in the position as the sole guardian and spiritual person in my ancestral lineage at this time. what a time to be alive, everyday is truly a blessing of the highest caliber, I’m sure the ancestors knew I would be the one.

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    Connecting with Patience, Is The Key

    Posted by Meira OraLee Atarah on Aug 10th 2019

    Truly Beautiful! These blessings from Archangel Barakiel is real! One must learn how to connect with the energy while it’s working for you instantly. I’ve seen and continue to see many blessings that radiates from from this beautiful, powerful radiator/instrument that creates miracles in abundance from the celestial realm/ house of Barakiel that manifest into reality. Thank you. Truly Blessed Love, Meira

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    Amazing energy

    Posted by Pronob Roy on Jun 19th 2017

    Amazing energy radiates from the item. Great tool for getting the blessings of Baraqiel.

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