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The Beautiful Blue Star Meditation is a powerful inducer of theta brain waves. The sound that is used in this meditation is emitted by a star, billions of miles away from our Solar System. This star is a beautiful Blue White Giant. It is highly evolved and vastly intelligent being that continually emits some of the most powerful theta waves in the universe. 

In ancient times, Taoist shamans used the sounds coming from the stars in order to attune their consciousness to the gateways that line the universe. 

When one uses this meditation, you will soon enter into a reproducible theta state. I use this meditation almost daily for this very purpose.  Boosting theta brain waves can improve your health by making you feel younger, giving you more energy, and improving your immune system. Each of the “slower brain waves” produce wonderful health benefits. 

A common benefit to increasing the amount of slow brain waves [i.e. alpha, theta, delta] in your brain is feeling deeply relaxed. Scientists have found that when the brain is in slower brain wave states [like alpha and theta], it produces specific hormones and “neuropeptides.” These hormones and neuropeptides that are produced have been linked to boosted memory, creativity, and ability to learn. 


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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5 Reviews

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    Many Benefits and reasons to have this!

    Posted by E. Aubert on Dec 17th 2023

    I need all the help I can get! This Blue Star Meditation Audio helps with the Brain. The benefits to boost my memory, creativity and ability to learn, on my goodness this is for all, students young and old. Forever Grateful Master.

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    A star for me

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jul 12th 2023

    The Blue Star meditation audio was one of my recommended tools from my magical energy body report. From the report I learned we resonate with some star energies more than others and you can attune yourself with stars to help your evolution in consciousness, health, wealth, and a host of other things. After my magical energy body assessment the blue star was selected for me to work with. The description of the audio talks about the benefits of theta waves on the brain and overall health, and relaxation. I generally use this audio right before I sleep. It's just over 45 mins in length so I'm usually fast asleep by the time it finishes. The first time I heard it I thought for sure I would have to use it during the day. It sounded a bit jarring for sleep but I was wrong. It is very relaxing and one of the few audios i can fall asleep to with headphones in. Other audios I have to play very low and out loud in order to sleep with them. I can't help but be excited to uncover over time why this audio was recommended to me. Certainly health is wealth! But I feel like there is more to it. I have not yet tried to meditate with this audio as I am enjoying it as my nightly ritual at this time. Thats a great thing about audios and all Tybro tools there are so many opportunities to explore their use.

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    Ready for relaxing

    Posted by Ray Hardy on Feb 4th 2018

    The blue star meditation really calms the mind. I would highly recommend this product. I love all my tybro products.

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    A Profound Sound...

    Posted by Changa on Feb 26th 2017

    Provides positive openings of space to rest and work on projects when this is on and effects last for awhile after its done. A Beautiful sound that clears aches due to stress and negativity. 'Spirit Attatchment Removal' played next after it was done on my shuffle and really chipped away at what was bothering me and I've been playing them together ever since.

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    Posted by Unknown on Feb 25th 2017

    This audio is AWESOMESAUCE for the akies and quakies!! The key is you must calm your Spirit enough to recieve this phenomenal energy! After a hard day at work...or you are just chillaxing in the tub...this is a MUST have! ASHE! MASTER GIBSON & MASTER MOTHER GODDESS ARCHAYA!

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