The Celestial Domain Radiator (24x36)

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The Celestial Domain Radiator (24x36)


Heaven is defined as a transcendent supernatural place where beings such as gods, angels, souls, saints, or venerated ancestors are said to originate, be enthroned, or reside. Deep within the consciousness of every living human dwells a multitude of domains. Most of the time, the human mind dwells on negative thoughts and domains. However, some of these domains are pleasant, heavenly, and wonderful. These domains create the energy and reality of our best lives. 


The Celestial Domain Radiator contains the energy of the heavens. It invokes from within the human mind a state of energy and awareness that allows the consciousness of heaven, order, and beauty to more easily manifest in one’s life. It works to increase the size of your aura and ultimately turn it white. This radiator also helps to greatly inspire your creative ability. The energy it radiates can be felt in any room or space it is placed in. The Daemonium radiator blocks the energy of the Daemonium Broadcast, while the Celestial Domain Radiator increases the energy from the Celestial Broadcast. Having both radiators in your residence will resonate a celestial energy that will provide an increased amount of peace and inspiration. 


Purchase of this radiator includes the Invocation of Heaven audio download. Playing this audio in your residence while possessing this radiator will allow these two tools to resonate together and make them both stronger. The Celestial Domain Radiator is what we use to empower the Tybro center. The radiator is 48” x 72” in size and radiates up to 10,000 feet. Basking in this energy daily keeps our auras free and clear of negative entities and energies. We also have other sizes available that can also be placed in one’s space to radiate this energy on a smaller scale. 





Price: $1,000 (10” x 14”) - 1,500 square foot radius 

Price: $2,000 (24” x 36”) - 3,000 square foot radius 


Please contact if interested in the 48” x 72” size (10,000 square foot radius)

Price: $10,000 


Note: This radiator is custom ordered and takes 2-3 weeks to be shipped following purchase. 

*Product picture not the actual radiator*


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