The Celestial Gods Divine Spell Series - The Jade Emperor (SAMPLE)

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The Celestial Gods 

Divine Spell Series

The Jade Emperor



The Celestial Gods are the most powerful immortals in the universe. They rule over every aspect of creation and are said to live in a domain beyond time and space.  Every major culture on earth has recognized the existence of these divine beings.  They are ubiquitous in their placement in history, art, literature, religion, and mythology.  The Celestial Gods are more a part of our lives than ever, but religion, the media, and other authoritarian structures would have you believe otherwise.  The Gods want to help humans evolve.  For thousands of years, they gave us spells, rituals, incantations, invocations, items of power and many other tools to help us evolve beyond our suffering and imprisonment.  


Time has eroded our access to these items and many of them have been sequestered by the powers that be. For the most part, only nobility, military powers, religious leaders, mystics, and shamans have had any access to the divine spells left us by our Gods.  Now, for the first time, we will restore a portion of these spells to humanity.  The Divine Spell Series will serve as a bridge to the power of the Celestial Pantheon of Gods.  These spells will allow you to summon and control a modicum of their power for everything that you need in life.  You will find that some of you have a special knack or connection to specific gods and their spells.  Others will find that they can use all of them.  We will release a number of books in this series that will access the power of a number of gods.


The first book in this series will focus on spells that will allow the user to work with the power of The Jade Emperor.  The Jade Emperor is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is the director and chairman of the Celestial Treasury and it is said that all forms of wealth pass through his hands.  He is very benevolent and kind. His power is available for us to use but we must avail ourselves of the correct spells.  This is the first time that humans will have access to the complete spell book of The Jade Emperor.  This book will allow you to work with the Jade Emperor directly for the first time to improve all aspects of your financial life.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson





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9 Reviews

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    So Greatful for This Free Gift!

    Posted by Edith A. on Jan 29th 2024

    To know about An Emperor with such unlimited Powers and Protection is well worth your time to study and read and learn all you can about the powers and blessings the Honorable and Noble Jade Emperor has for all. I am so grateful to be introduced and realize that we have available gifts waiting from the Emperor once we allow ourselves, the necessary respect and devotion. I have been exercising the use of the techniques of this ritual and I feel very confident I will have all I desire at the right time. Thank you Master unlimited blessings.

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    The Jade Emperor

    Posted by C.A on Jul 4th 2023

    I had been listening to the sample of the invocation of the Jade emperor on YouTube for a few months. I download this product (which is just the sample). The very first time I worked with it, things started happening with in a day. I followed the instructions, and then I went outside to sungaze. While I was looking at the Sun I thought I saw coins falling behind it. After sun gazing I was walking my dog and I saw a cricket hopping along the side walk. The cricket turned into a silver circle (which now looking back, I think it was a coin). The cricket did this twice. I really thought I was hallucinating and I really didn’t give it a whole lot of thought, until later on that night. I went to Dairy Queen to get a banana spilt… I was handed the food and I felt the ice cream in the bag. I drove all the way home and the food was no where to be found, so then I went back up to Dairy Queen to get another one but they had already closed. I was so confused because I knew for sure I had been handed the food. So when I got home I checked my account and there was 800 dollars deposited into my account.. I was so shocked, I was in complete disbelief. This money literally came out of no where and it showed that I had indeed went to get ice cream. I was completely over joyed… and so thankful.. I still am. The next night at work I was handed a gift card and I was told that we had a raffle that I did not even know anything about, and I had won.

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    Jade emperor spells

    Posted by Danny on Oct 5th 2022

    I am highly appreciative of the free spell and information the master has given regarding the Jade emperor. A piece to the puzzle of information that you know has validity and propels my connection to the great Jade Emperor for free. Thanks Masters for putting together this beautiful work of art of a website and delivering us these wonderful books! Thank you for all your hours love and dedication to helping your followers, and thank you team and family!

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    Posted by joseph Bobb on Jul 23rd 2022

    I must say this spell is very powerful after following the instructions given i had a dream where i saw a long line of people waiting to buy gold from this old man they all had cash in hand when the last person finish with there purchase the old man which i believe is the JADE EMPEROR throw all the money up in the air and it came directly down to me almost like magnetism with i now having all these people cash i felt kinda guilty so i throw some back in the air and keep the rest for myself much thanks for sharing this spell Mitchell Earl Gibson.

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    Jade Emperor

    Posted by Dr Donald Bryant DC on Jun 17th 2022

    The Jade Emperor rocks bigtime.......only wish could have more of his practices and connections, as he is very kind and generous. Even thou its a free download, its worth is measured in gold, dont miss out on this one, download it and start to apply. The only thing it cut short was the Li blessings, so I have to contact tiffany and find out what those are......god bless all...many thanks...:)))

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    Posted by P GALAXY on May 30th 2022


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    Sample Spell

    Posted by Norton on Jan 26th 2022

    I Am grateful for this free sample as it is a very effective way to connect with the Jade Emperor. Thank you.

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    The Celestial Gods Divine Spell Series - The Jade Emperor (SAMPLE)

    Posted by Robin C Thomas on Jul 25th 2021

    The Celestial Gods Divine Spell Series - The Jade Emperor (SAMPLE) lead me to realize there is a difference between attracting wealth and having enough energy to hold on to it in order for it tonturn into abundance. I learned to explore the tools that increase the ability to hold and store greater and greater wells of energy. I can't believe that I missed it this distinction for this long. I have been using the spell daily with growing effects so that I have seen for myself that eventually my wealth will last. I need to get the entire tablet ASAP. Thank you Master & Acharya!

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    Posted by Betty EZE on Apr 19th 2021

    perfect many thanks to master Mitchel Gibson.

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