The Chronicles of Feldrakan - E-Book

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The Chronicles of Feldrakan



The Dragon Feldrakan is one of the most famous of all the celestial immortals.  He has lived for thousands of years and he is more powerful than all our superheroes combined.  But he did not begin his life as a powerful entity. A very long time ago, Feldrakan was a child. His family lived in peace and harmony among their clan. They farmed, they bred, they created. 


Then, one day, all of that changed.  A horde of hydra spiders descended upon their world and took the clan by surprise.  Under the control of a very powerful mage, the clan was taken into slavery and forced to perform psionic labor. 


Feldrakan didn’t know what happened to his people, or his family.  He labored under the yoke of the magus for years, until he could master enough power to free himself.


This is a resonance text.  It is very advanced. As you read and scan these pages, you will connect in consciousness and power with the Dragon Feldrakan.  We begin when he is just a child.



As you scan this work, you help him to mature and escape his captors.  As you help him, you also help your own consciousness grow and expand. Look at the letters, focus on each one slowly.  You will feel a transfer of power and force flow into your being. Each chapter brings a new opportunity for growth.  He will enter into your dreams.  He will share consciousness with you.  As he grows, you grow.  As he learns to free himself, you will gain freedom from the oppression of your own programming.  


We rise together.


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12 Reviews

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    Posted by Unknown on Sep 22nd 2017

    Wow! when I read this, so many emotions stroll through my consciousness, I see visions of parallel sufferings and great strength and perseverant and sometime tears come to my eyes and then a burst of Love and Joy! A must read ...

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    Posted by Unknown on Sep 21st 2017

    A great tool to evolve yourself! These e-books are priceless and are worth a whole lot more than what they're charging. Please take advantage of this one as well as all the others. So much light and growth in all of these amazing tools! So thankful for them and for the Masters!

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