The Chronicles of Feldraken Part Three - E-Book

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The Chronicles of Dragon Feldraken Part Three


The Dragon Feldrakan is one of the most famous of all the celestial immortals.  He has lived for thousands of years and he is more powerful than all our superheroes combined.  But he did not begin his life as a powerful entity. A very long time ago, Feldrakan was a child. His family lived in peace and harmony among their clan. They farmed, they bred, they created.


The mystery of The Dragon Feldrakan deepens.  Feldrakan discovers a deep power within himself and finds out that he is part of a greater domain than he ever thought possible.  The Man gives him until sunset to solve a puzzle and release an ancient power.  This most recent episode of The Chronicles of Feldrakan will answer some lingering questions about the dragon and raise new ones.

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2 Reviews

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    The Chronicles of Feldrakan

    Posted by Eric Atkins on Jul 30th 2022

    I must say this is an awesome and powerful book, with keys that will assist one in freeing themselves from their own conscious programming. Feldrakan, visited me in my dreams as well after the first reading, as well as a few other surprises. The symbols for meditation along is worth the price and more. Thank you Tybro for bringing old ancient magic back to the planet!

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    Anaylze yourself then take back your keys

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 31st 2017

    Very impactful, keeps you on the edge of your seat! Full of suspense, watching your own enter reactions and questions springing up constantly , a must read can wait the others volumes. Waiting to Exhale!.

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