The Dragon Kalzeruth Imprinted Necklace

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The Dragon Kalzeruth Imprinted Necklace


Imprinting is a special service we used to offer in past years. We have a machine that imbeds spiritual power and energy into an item or tool of choice. We have decided to bring back this service for a limited time. 


Imprinting will increase your bandwidth to receive power and energy. It will also better your reception and ability to master items. Kalzeruth is the Jade Emperor's dragon. Imprinting will allow us to place his high-level wealth energy into a device or tool of power. This will allow you to develop a better connection and relationship with the Jade Emperor, while increasing your wealth energy. It will also enhance your ability to use the wealth tablets, advanced texts, medallions, and spells.


The Dragon Kalzeruth's frequency has been imprinted into this beautiful bronze pendant. Wear this necklace while meditating, or completing wealth practices. You can also wear it leisurely to help build your connection with these divine Gods. 


We only have 9 of these necklaces available. 


Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for the imprinting process to be completed and your pendant to be shipped. 


Price: $750 (No Rewards Points Allowed)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review