The Dragon Nest

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The Dragon Nest 
The Dragon nest is a station used to cleanse, charge, and amplify the power of your Dragon egg.  This station comes in one size (4x4) and will be the home of a single egg for the remainder of it existence.
The Dragon Nest not only holds your egg, but integrates with it to ultimately become a unified item. The nest will amplify its egg up to 20x, while also providing the cleansing ability of a level 3 cleanse. It will also recharge in case of fading or weakening of the egg's energy. 
To begin, place your egg in the nest for 24 hours, so they can bond and connect to each other. For eggs that are placed under your pillow, place the egg in the nest during the day and place it back underneath your pillow at night when you are asleep. 
Price: $400 (No Rewards Points)
*Note: This item is custom ordered and takes 2-3 weeks to shipment after completing purchase.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review