The First Medallion

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The First Medallion 


The First Medallion is a unique and powerful spiritual tool.  It is called The First Medallion because it contains several elements that derive from the original primordial elements that make up our universe.  The Divine Script that outlines the border of the Medallion spells out the Names of the Four Seraphim that utter the Name of God out into the universe.  Their Names are not able to be pronounced by the human tongue, but the power that they release causes the entire universe to be  continually renewed.  This power causes the flowers to grow, rain to fall, the galaxies to move through space, and the breath that we take to flow through our lungs.  These Seraphim continually express the Name of God throughout all reality.  

Properties of The First Medallion: Increases Spiritual Power, Protects the wearer from negative forces, Adds the power of the 42 Letter Name of God to the Aura, Infuses the wearer with the Power of the Four Seraphim, Strengthens the Aura, Improves Health, Helps Connect the Subconscious mind to the celestial realm, Improves one's contact with the indwelling divine essence, Helps to diminish and weaken forces of darkness within the wearer.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


NOTE: Do NOT curse, drink alcohol, or make love when wearing or using this item. Also, do not get it wet. If you do not follow these guidelines, this tool will begin to lose it’s power or even work against you. If already done so, say a prayer and apologize to the Gods and you will be forgiven.



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35 Reviews

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    Words Can't Explain

    Posted by Renee Nicole on Jan 23rd 2023

    Words can't explain the power of this medallion. This was one of the first of many medallions I recently purchased from and it is amazing. The moment I touched the package, I felt something zing thru my body. I carefully unboxed the package and there, in a beautiful velvet pouch was the shinning medallion with it's black neck band. I had to close my eyes and hold still and I held it in the palm of my hands for the first time. OMG! I can't explain the feeling, I sudden feeling of being light yet alert came to me as a calm comfort washed over me in mere seconds. I was parked in my car when I opened the package, I think I must have sat there for a while just basking in the beauty of what I was feeling. From that night on, I've had peaceful sleep. It stayed in my pillow case, sleep comes so easily and my dreams are beautiful. Thank you for the amazing product.

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    The Fist Medallion

    Posted by Karman Graham on Jan 16th 2023

    Nothing has really happened. The first day I wore it, I noticed people were much kinder and strangers struck up conversations with me and that first night I had really vivid dreams that gave me clarity on a career issue. But then nothing. I have worked really hard not to cuss but I did once so I offered my humblest apologies. It has been very eye opening to see how much I actually cuss and change that habit so for that, it has been great! I'm hoping the magic of the first day I wore it comes back...

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    First Medallion

    Posted by Winston Pitters on Jan 11th 2023

    Thisesallion is the bomb diggity!!! It blocks negativity just like it said it would and it really does drain away the evil that may be present within is as well. It is a treasure that I will always keep and reverence as well. Thank you Master Gibson, and thank the gods and the other masters as well.

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    Very powerful

    Posted by Carlos Gonzalez on Aug 20th 2022

    My 4th dimensional experiences have been more intense since I have been sleeping with it under my pillow, I had to stop using it when I am going to speak with others since it’s almost 2nd nature for me to use curse words, I remember I was wearing it not so long ago and I just kept on cursing while wearing it, completely unintentionally and I felt quite the adverse effects of it on my consciousness, I sent several apologies to the gods within just one day, so I decided to just use it for when I am going to sleep until I am able to establish more control over my words.

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    This medallion changed my life

    Posted by Nate Oney on Jul 29th 2022

    When I first received the medallion and I pulled it out of the box, the energy that emitted from it was amazing. Every time I wear it I get a warm, fuzzy, joyous feeling that flows through me. I have noticed that my connection to the angelic realms is also a lot more strong and I have been feeling more encouraged to call on the archangels and angels whenever I feel I need help and they’re always there. This medallion is a huge bang for your buck and if you are on the cliff about buying it, I encourage you to go through with it. This medallion, along with my own will to do the work, has changed my life in the best way possible. Big thanks to Master Gibson!

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    Literally my first

    Posted by Joshua Smith on Jun 17th 2022

    This was my first Tybro medallion. I was called to this piece many months before I decided to order it. The piece is beautifully crafted. Its smaller so much its more discreet when compared to some of the larger medallion offerings. When I received it I expected it would be a piece I would wear daily however, I had an overwhelming feeling to use it in another manner. I may have worn it once or twice. Mostly I use the medallion for prayer, charging items, and in my healing practices. I get creative and follow my intuition. For some reason I would never remember to wear it but always remember to use it in the ways mentioned or sleep with it. I guess it was communicating with me the best way it will resonate and work for me personally. I loved this revelation and made me hold a deeper reverence for this piece. I sleep with it every night and I cannot recall the last time I have had a nightmare. I have charged oils, waters, and worked protective spells with it. The medallion has so much encoded power it can be used for so many other practices and functions. I feel very protected with the first medallion so I love to sleep with it under my pillow. One of my favorite things to do with this is charge items. I place them on of the medallion for a few hours some longer and boom you have a personal charging station. You can bless anything you can think of with it. I encourage anyone to read the properties of this medallion. It looks great, its discreet and one of the most affordable medallions offered. I highly recommend getting this one if your in the market for a new spiritual tool. It will be interesting how it speaks to you in terms of use.

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    My son loves it

    Posted by Dani on Jun 17th 2022

    I got this for my son and he sleeps with this under his pillow. He has told me he no longer has nightmares and he’s also had dreams where he can see what I interpret to be some ancient God/Goddess in serpent form and where they live.

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    the First angels

    Posted by nathan dixon on Jun 16th 2022

    THE FIRST MEDALLION first came into my radar after master mentioned it in the hidden power of the medallions audio which is a phenomenal product, master spoke how this a power medallion for protection. This medallion responds well to my Latin and has increased my relationship with the angelic host that this medallion is connected to. The seraphim’s, upon further research on these fascinating beings, I started having dreams and visions, this medallion was the catalyst that allowed me to strengthen my place with the vast network of angels that exist. This medallion master has stated protects you from darkness. Being on this planet first hand I know about what seems like overwhelming darkness on this planet. This medallion helps keep me safe and my tools in top shape. This medallion definely has increased my consciousness with my angelic side because, they are very responsive to the energy of this tool. This tools does indeed enhance the light of the creator within me. As I now am able to do things with my other tools that are very supernatural in nature. I work with several other tools, but this is a great adjunct to my growing abilities. My ancestors love this medallion as well. I am glad this medallion help stop beings from stealing my light, protecting me and protecting my home. I am grateful to have access to such a powerful tool in this time in my life and in this time in the lineage of my ancestors who I knew really appreciate the work that I do.

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    Very powerful

    Posted by Crystal Hutchings on Jun 14th 2022

    I have had this medallion for some time now. This was the first medallion I ordered. I felt the medallion when it was delivered to my mailbox. Like it started connecting to me instantly. This may be a smaller medallion but it’s definitely very powerful and does what it says.

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    The First Medallion

    Posted by Landy on May 24th 2022

    At first I kept it in the box in the prayer room for the day because I didn’t feel I was in the right space to hold it. The next day I entered the room and it felt majestic and clear. I waited another day and finally I opened it and felt so grateful for it. I slept with it and felt protected in my dream space and was able to process things that were happening without so much attachment to it. That was last night ☺️

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