The First Medallion

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The First Medallion 


The First Medallion is a unique and powerful spiritual tool.  It is called The First Medallion because it contains several elements that derive from the original primordial elements that make up our universe.  The Divine Script that outlines the border of the Medallion spells out the Names of the Four Seraphim that utter the Name of God out into the universe.  Their Names are not able to be pronounced by the human tongue, but the power that they release causes the entire universe to be  continually renewed.  This power causes the flowers to grow, rain to fall, the galaxies to move through space, and the breath that we take to flow through our lungs.  These Seraphim continually express the Name of God throughout all reality.  

Properties of The First Medallion: Increases Spiritual Power, Protects the wearer from negative forces, Adds the power of the 42 Letter Name of God to the Aura, Infuses the wearer with the Power of the Four Seraphim, Strengthens the Aura, Improves Health, Helps Connect the Subconscious mind to the celestial realm, Improves one's contact with the indwelling divine essence, Helps to diminish and weaken forces of darkness within the wearer.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


NOTE: Do NOT curse, drink alcohol, or make love when wearing or using this item. Also, do not get it wet. If you do not follow these guidelines, this tool will begin to lose it’s power or even work against you. If already done so, say a prayer and apologize to the Gods and you will be forgiven.



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42 Reviews

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    This Is Love

    Posted by Kinney on Oct 15th 2023

    I have Compassion For Ones That Don’t Know About This , The Love That Master Gibson Gives Make It A Great Time To Be Alive . Get One / Find Out .

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    Posted by LC on Oct 9th 2023

    I remember being able to remember dreams and did some magickal work a while back that blocked me from that ability or knowing if I had dreams at all soon after that. This medallion was ironically my first of Master Gibsons works and purchased for me by my husband who has been a practitioner and avid student of Tybro products for quite some time. On the first night I received it I placed it beneath my pillow and eventhough I could only remember bits here and there I remembered actually dreaming that night and I couldn't be any happier. I carry it with me at all times now even when I go to work and must say that as a first experience I have begun to purchase more and have opened myself up further to the idea of continting my practices without being afraid of the repercussions. I HIGHLY recommend this or any of the many medallions Tybro has for available as I have never been disappointed with any of the items I purchased for myself afterwards.

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    My psychic and dream experience with this medallion

    Posted by Lawrence Sheunda Okanda on Aug 25th 2023

    Im usually very sensitive to energy, I don't really have control of this psychic abilities yet, but there are days that i wake up and i notice im sensitive than usually, like i can feel people's auras, and i Can feel how peoples emotions and inner world switch through their auras, by just standing next to them. Sometimes i have a difficulty putting what i perceive into words, so I'll try my best to review this product based on my experience with it. Anyway to get straight to review this product, when i wear it or touch it, i usually feel a change on my aura. The first 4 weeks i had it, i noticed i could feel something that i wasn't expecting. I usually feel something like a "metallic golden effect" from it, on my aura. It's like my aura feels golden, i guess this is the best way i can describe it, just get it and observe what you feel with it. The feeling is just out of this world, thats why i have difficulty putting it into words. Anyway besides this. I noticed i get a lot of attention from people, whenever im walking, people would randomly stair at me, or just be extra nice. Mostly children and elderly people are drawn to me, and sometime when im in busy and crowded places like the, the bus stop or at the store, people would just be drawn towards me and just stand near me, so i guess it has a positive effect too an people near me. And i can also feel its protective effect. Also one day as i was sleeping, i had a dream with it. I met an entity on my dream. He came to me and asked me i show him the medallion im wearing, and i did show him this one. I noticed He had one on him too, he then showed me a jade Emperor medallion and then i suddenly woke up, and i just know i have to get the jade Emperor medallion too. Anyway I just have one issue. Due to unavoidable circumstances, i would sweat and i got my medallion wet during the hot summer days. I hope this doesn't reduce its power, and if does, can anyone please recommend ways on how i can make it stronger again?. It would really be helpful ?. Believe me, i definitely learned my lesson here, don't get this tools wet. I would recommend anyone to get this medallion.

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    1st Medallion

    Posted by Tamara on Aug 24th 2023

    Will change your behavior, your word's and your awareness. It does redirection on your behalf. Like redirection traffic around you. Lots more mental peace. Thank you Masters Gibson.

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    Posted by Steve on Aug 3rd 2023

    Eversince I have purchased this medallion it has done works for myself and family. Thank you master Gibson still learning but it’s amazing

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    It expereince

    Posted by Robbie Wilson on Jul 27th 2023

    I have been feeling real positive EVERY time I wear this medallion. I am more watchful of my words because it states that if you curse, the medallion will work against you or lose its power. If I even think I cursed or said something that was inappropriate, I would say a prayer anyways just to be safe. What really confirmed this for me is that I do stutter and I have a hard time getting my thoughts across. There were a few instances that I had this on and I literally did not stutter when I was talking to customers. I have gotten better over time with my stammer but the way I articulated and got my point across was just different. If you do stutter, and wear this, you will know exactly what I mean. I usually would have to slow down when I speak because I would mumble or talk so fast customers would not know what I am talking about. I also feel a state of peace and calm when I talk to people. Like my thoughts are not all over the place. Another confirmation was that I placed this medallion under my pillow while I listened to the miracle prayer and I felt an energy surge through my body, like it was telling me to be calm and sleep, we will protect you :). That was something that NEVER happened to me before.

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    The First Medallion

    Posted by Irina Saakyan on Jul 12th 2023

    The First Medallion is an absolute, truly powerful gift! I bought the First Medallion for my two young children. It is just the right size for them to wear it everywhere. The design emanates special glow, and the light charges the aura field instantly. I can see it by reflecting the sun light of the medallion and noticing the field extending as the green light all around. Absolutely magical to witness! Children are especially susceptive to negative energies and have very little protection. I was especially concerned with school energies. Usually it will take some time for kids to adjust from school environment back to balance and focus. After they started wearing the medallion I have noticed a shift. The power of medallion truly cleans and protects! I have noticed that more they wear the medallion more they stay focused, calm and energized. The medallion works just as it is described on the website: increases spiritual power, protects the wearer from negative forces, adds the power of the 42 Letter Name of God to the Aura, infuses the wearer with the Power of the Four Seraphim, Strengthens the Aura, Improves Health, Helps Connect the Subconscious mind to the celestial realm, improves one's contact with the indwelling divine essence, helps to diminish and weaken forces of darkness within the wearer. I'm grateful for this protective tool and see my children proudly wear it next to their hearts. My children can be protected against negative forces and stay true to themselves, while working on their spiritual growth and connection to celestial realm. Thank you Tybro and the Masters! The tools you give to humanity are powerful! With love and gratitude!

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    Words Can't Explain

    Posted by Renee Nicole on Jan 23rd 2023

    Words can't explain the power of this medallion. This was one of the first of many medallions I recently purchased from and it is amazing. The moment I touched the package, I felt something zing thru my body. I carefully unboxed the package and there, in a beautiful velvet pouch was the shinning medallion with it's black neck band. I had to close my eyes and hold still and I held it in the palm of my hands for the first time. OMG! I can't explain the feeling, I sudden feeling of being light yet alert came to me as a calm comfort washed over me in mere seconds. I was parked in my car when I opened the package, I think I must have sat there for a while just basking in the beauty of what I was feeling. From that night on, I've had peaceful sleep. It stayed in my pillow case, sleep comes so easily and my dreams are beautiful. Thank you for the amazing product.

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    The Fist Medallion

    Posted by Karman Graham on Jan 16th 2023

    Nothing has really happened. The first day I wore it, I noticed people were much kinder and strangers struck up conversations with me and that first night I had really vivid dreams that gave me clarity on a career issue. But then nothing. I have worked really hard not to cuss but I did once so I offered my humblest apologies. It has been very eye opening to see how much I actually cuss and change that habit so for that, it has been great! I'm hoping the magic of the first day I wore it comes back...

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    First Medallion

    Posted by Winston Pitters on Jan 11th 2023

    Thisesallion is the bomb diggity!!! It blocks negativity just like it said it would and it really does drain away the evil that may be present within is as well. It is a treasure that I will always keep and reverence as well. Thank you Master Gibson, and thank the gods and the other masters as well.

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