The Goddess Bast - E-Book

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The Goddess Bast - E-Book 




Bast, also known as Bastet, is a revered goddess in ancient Egyptian mythology, embodying the essence of protection, joy, and feminine power. As a daughter of the sun god Ra or the goddess Isis, she holds a prominent place among the pantheon of Egyptian deities. Bast is often depicted with the head of a lioness or domestic cat, symbolizing her association with these revered animals. Her abilities extend beyond the physical realm, encompassing spiritual and metaphysical realms as well. Bast is a guardian deity, renowned for her ability to ward off evil spirits and protect humans, especially women and children, during times of peril and vulnerability, such as childbirth. Furthermore, she embodies the spirit of joy and celebration, infusing the lives of her devotees with laughter and delight. Bast's benevolence knows no bounds, and she continues to offer guidance, protection, and solace to humanity through the ages, reminding us of the sacred bond that connects all living beings.


In reverence to the ancient Egyptian goddess Bast, we have crafted five potent spells, each intricately woven with the essence of her divine presence. These spells serve as conduits through which we may commune with Bast and harness her boundless power, facilitating a profound connection with her sacred realm.


These 5 spells cover the topics of joy, healing, protection, spiritual awareness, and fertility.


Note: For individuals who purchase this e-book in the month of April, you will receive a bonus spell on dream guidance. This offer ends on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 11:59 PM EST.


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3 Reviews

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    Worth it

    Posted by Kevin on May 7th 2024

    The Goddess did heal my knees that were in pain. Gibson is the greatest.

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    The Goddess Bast e-book and bonus spell

    Posted by RKNijjar on Apr 26th 2024

    This is a treasure.........even before one gets to the spells given, the information and the artwork that Master has shared with amazing presentation of the Goddess mesmerizing. I am looking forward to working with the spells and cultivating a relationship with this generous and beautiful Goddess. Once again THANK YOU Master and THANK YOU Goddess for allowing the Master to share her spells so generously

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    Posted by Meira OraLee Atarah on Apr 25th 2024

    Gratitude and Gratitude for this beautiful gift Mother & Father. Thank you. This is so powerful. My 3rd day and or time using my spells. A Cat, of course, came out of a portal, and just appeared in front of me. Well, she walked gracefully in front of me and then sat in front of me, lol. We both looked at each other, face to face, I said I love you, & thank you, she gave me a soft wink and with warmth, blinks her eyes, telepathically said I love you and she thanked me, then vanished, just like that. Lol. She was the same exact color and everything, just like the spell I was working with. We can't make this up, Moreover, I'm no longer surprised. I'm grateful. I’m in LOVE. Thank you Mother and Father. To be continued….

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